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The beer festival girl roller coaster: pale picture spicy eyes (Figure) – the new network in the new network on 28 September, according to foreign media reports, the 183rd session of the Munich Beer Festival is like a raging fire, visitors from around the world come to Munich to enjoy beer and delicacy, and experience a variety of fun activities. 25, 2009, a lot of beer festival visitors and Oktoberfest experience together with the roller coaster project, the scene is quite exciting. When the roller coaster starts, the passengers on the pink seats have different expressions. Some tourists look calm, some tourists excited to raise a hue and cry there are men, look dignified, people looked very worried. Of course, the most eye-catching is the beer festival girl who turn pale. Dressed in traditional clothing of the girls a staring at the foot, the performance is very nervous. It is reported that the German beer festival in Munich, also known as "October Festival", is the world’s largest folk festivals. According to the organizers estimate, this Oktoberfest will attract about 6 million tourists from around the world. During the Oktoberfest is about half a month, people can at the Theresienwiese square with traditional music, enjoy barbecue and beer. Munich beer festival in October originated in 1810, a royal wedding, after the evolution of folk festivals. After two hundred years of development, "October Beer Festival" has become a popular phenomenon all over the world相关的主题文章: