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The boy suspected to be the police involved in the investigation of new network needle – yesterday, the Beijing Youth Daily reported a three year old boy suspected in kindergarten were needle ten news, the afternoon of the 13 day, the boys parents BYD reporters said police have been involved in, and the teacher involved to the police station for investigation. The kindergarten party again said the teacher can not use the needle child, and said it would actively cooperate with the police investigation. According to BYD parents reported yesterday, BMC reporter Ms. Fan said their children Qing Qing (a pseudonym) appeared on ten suspected needle shaped red scar, after asking Qingqing to Ms. Fan said in kindergarten teacher with a needle. Subsequently, Ms. fan with Qing Qing to Beijing in forensic identification, identification of submissions that the body of the Qing Qing ten "caused by needle with scab effect". The 13 day, Ms. fan of BYD reporters have said that day in the police station on the matter, and said the police have Zhang came to the police station for investigation. As of press time BYD reporter, there is no clear results. Ms. fan of BYD reporters said temporarily without much thought for the future, temporarily put Qingqing at home so that parents take care of. Now do not know how to do, because there is no contact with other parents, if the surveillance video did not shoot, there is no evidence, then do not know how to deal with." 13 afternoon, BYD reporter contacted nise International Child Development Center, the staff of BYD reporters confirmed that the police have been involved in the investigation, and again said the kindergarten teacher is absolutely impossible to do such a thing. According to the kindergarten side, after the event, our teachers will certainly cooperate with the police investigation, but also retains the surveillance video data, which have been submitted to the police. Our teacher is very calm, there is no separate to take him to a place, the video can see." The kindergarten party told reporters that BYD would not have a child with the needle teacher, for the results of the survey will retain the legal rights. Text newspaper reporter Guo Linlin相关的主题文章: