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The camera after the female anchor: thick makeup + Beauty forty seconds twenty aunt data to create a "beauty", a total of a few steps? Su Zhe was clear: the hair should be smooth, lips Hongyan, clothes to build, to prepare several online scripts and jingle, be accomplished. Although only 26 years old, but he is like a skilled worker on the assembly line, more than 1000 women age looks different, through his hands, wrapped into a sweet appearance, along a cable, transported to the flashing lights in front of the screen. His "product", is a "Red Net" label, he was sent to "Red Net Trainer" name. For these young anchors, as long as he could see, it classified packaging, "Kawai", sexy, funny. Then, he has accumulated 11 years of "powder secret" in successive: makeup thick, sweet mouth, keep the passion, see than a gift. We warmly welcome to see the nouveau riche…… From noon to second days morning, Su Zhe’s studio is never quiet moments. His schedule is full to the brim, a group of students is not "apprenticeship", a new batch of more than a dozen girls have to wait for his training. Su Zhe on the table three mobile phone and two computer screens, the beauty of the face for a batch after batch. Students a dial-up wave toward Su Zhe company, some want to make money to buy luxury goods and mobile phone, have fun, someone is to improve the living conditions of families, and people are not convinced, she is not more beautiful than me, but she can live to earn so much money. At the age of 15, Su Zhe also along the road all the anchor. He insisted on a full year before the first received a gift: a lovelorn police just drinking wine, gave the boy 500 yuan gift". That’s more than a month’s living expenses. But now, he’s even a live red net can get staggering income. The more successful cases, the more difficult it is to escape the temptation to live. Every time just started, eagerly asked Su Zhe, "salary can give me?" "How does the company plan to pack me?" He was angry and helpless, but he still want to let each into the live between the girl into the hearts of others, the goddess". The reflection plate, on the edge of the computer lights carefully adjusted angle and camera parameters, can let the bridge collapse such as mountains rise, the chin edges can disappear in all uncomfortable Not the least trace was found., ten dollars of clothes can look for a. Su Zhe to establish their confidence about the future dream, though his own face, even a noticeable wrinkles are not. Sometimes girls worry that they will never be young again. "We have the lights and the beauty of the camera, then the makeup, thirty or forty years old with more than and 20 years old can not see any difference!" Residential area of 130 square meters of rental housing, was separated by a sound insulation board of 20 meters by 2 meters of small live room. It is Su Zhe work place, girl’s dream bloom in this small space. But in these colorful screen looks bright dream, Su Zhe see more "feel numb". Most of the time he eats only one meal a day, or the chicken相关的主题文章: