The car sped away brewing disaster risk accident owners suspected of being human beatings (video) melia kreiling

The car sped away brewing disaster risk accident owners suspected of being human flesh were beaten up Zhejiang A a Wulingzhiguang deliberately knocked down the normal running of the motorcycle and sped away! Sometimes anger comes from a quarrel, sometimes anger stems from a direction — October 6th afternoon, a book is spread in Mount friends circle video, quickly spread in the circle of friends, suddenly raged. This is a recorder recorded video, recorded the whole process of a thriller. Video display, the accident occurred at 8 a.m. on October 6th at 06. At that time, the driver was driving on a suspected high-speed one-way two lane road. Car owners in the left lane, in front of his car is not much, only 10 meters ahead of a car, and the right side of the road in front of a motorcycle. At this time, a car license plate in A Wuling light passenger car from the right lane to overtake. After overtaking, Wulingzhiguang rapidly move to the left, cross the two lane. But soon again traveling to the right lane, and the right side of the car body, built the close to the hard shoulder of the motorcycle. The motorcyclist suddenly hit immediately, difficult to control, soon overturned, fell in the left lane. Wuling light continues to accelerate, and. Fortunately, the left lane of the vehicle stop in time, it did not hit the motorcycle to roll in the hand, but fortunately did not lead to disaster. Video is a large number of users to forward the transfer of the car accident, intentional homicide this video was sent to the Internet in October 6th, soon caused a lot of forwarding. Especially in many motorcycle enthusiasts in the group of friends, but also become a hot spot yesterday. "We moyou is the minority group, did not expect to encounter such malicious behavior." Mr Kim said that this video repeatedly watched dozens of times, I feel very angry. This way, Wuling whole overtaking not hit the steering lamp; secondly, a motorcycle in knowing the right front, still forced to change lanes; finally, after the accident, the Wuling but did not stop, but continue to accelerate forward. "This is the extreme disregard for life, a serious provocation to the traffic regulations, the right of way moyou cruel trampling." Mr Kim bluntly the driver’s practice is full of malicious acts of intent, this argument has been a lot of friends support. More netizens angry accusations, such acts of vehicles, is intentional homicide". Of course, there are users pointed out that the other question, if it is a highway, motorcycle speed is in line with the relevant provisions? The "old driver" moyou made a "popular science": in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "road traffic safety law", the motorcycle can be more rapid, but it must accord with the following conditions: the driving speed of not less than 60 kilometers per hour, and the maximum speed of not more than 80 kilometers an hour; not with people, must wear helmets should run in; the outside lane highway. However, the debate on whether the speed of the motorcycle has not been able to ferment, the attention of netizens have been attracted by the latest developments in the past events. The owner of the car is "human" netizens "to be fair" because the home team, this car license plate in A Wulingzhiguang owners, by netizens "human" out. Through the friends of human flesh search, the owner of the vehicle information,.相关的主题文章: