The child homework dawdling This rule, a rule of a quasi! Sohu –

The child homework dawdling? This rule, a rule of a quasi! Sohu of maternal education children always encounter some difficult problems, a nagging, even beaten, still the same result tomorrow! Sometimes I would like to think: this child is not saved?! In fact, to save the child is mom and dad are not. Take a look at this article, learn a word to solve the problem, bid farewell to my day! What were you doing when the children were doing their homework? Error: while watching TV to supervise the child, his mouth kept saying: "write faster." "Don’t dawdle." "Don’t watch TV, study hard." Results: the child is not happy: "why you can watch TV, I can not see, really unfair." The correct approach: adults also read, do not disturb the child, to create a strong atmosphere of family learning. Results: the child peace of mind, mind are learning. ? the child homework dawdling, drag, not concentrate on the bed, but did not finish homework. What would you do? Wrong approach: reprimand the child: "are you mad at me, why not finished, I’ll not look not, hurry to write! I look at you." Results: children are not in a hurry, still slowly see the right approach: seriously, calm the children said: "children, homework is your own business, you should be responsible for their own things, not finished writing, the sleep, tomorrow I went to school with the teacher." Make sure the child is responsible for the consequences of his actions Results: the children realize his mistake, regret, thought: "this is over, how to tell the teacher say, tomorrow will do homework quickly, otherwise have to be criticized." The children have been watching TV, do not sleep do not work, how do you do? Wrong way: anger turned the TV off, yelling to the child to do homework or sleep. Result: the child is full of unhappy to go, and I hate you, that you are a tyrant. The right approach: calm the children said: "children, you should write the homework, if not finish will aipi. How long do you want to see it?" Child: "can I see another 10 minutes?"" Parents: "OK, say count, time to turn off the tv." The two sides take a step back. Results: time is up, the children take the initiative to turn off the TV, go to bed or homework. ? the child homework write illegible, how do you do? Wrong approach: angry: how to write so chaotic, you can not write a little?" Even gas tore the kids’ homework. Results: children at a loss. The right approach: seriously, calm the children said: "children, I have already said, write neatly to rewrite, because not neat, the teacher can not see clearly, you see, this is the" Regulations ", can not be destroyed, so you have to rewrite the. You see, you should write like this (about writing norms, horizontal and vertical, the same size.). Kid, you just have to write more than you just have to progress on the line (and their ratio), have confidence?" Results: children understand the importance of the "Regulations", the heart thinks: "more than just相关的主题文章: