The comedy story in the first quarter ending Jiang Xin song Andy win – the media –

"The comedy story" in the first quarter ending   Jiang Xin song Andy win – the media – original title: "the comedy story" Jiang Xin song Andy won by Zhejiang TV media, media, and joy to the best cultural co produced the comedy "Nemo" first quarter six late last week ending the night of all actors raring to offer the most wonderful performance, Jiang Xin eventually won the championship this season. That night, the system upgrade, all competing to play partner disrupted reorganization, four groups of new combinations of common battle top comedy. Hua Fei, Jiang Xin hand "Lady Princess Song Xiaobao, on Empty Nester; Chen He, the incarnation of Wang Ning contra, wake up after 80 video memory; Zheng Kai Jia Ling, interpretation of Cinderella Princess dream; Yuan Shanshan hand often far, the absence of crosstalk. It is worth mentioning that, in order to pay tribute to the comedy classic, 4 comedian Chaplin, with the 4 actors to perform a joint interpretation of the opening dance, very amazing. Jiang Xin won the final for the first time, as the old, the old lady turned alone, to talk often home into the scene and stolen false false alarm". The thief has the conscience of the industry. Song Xiaobao is a native of Virgo, wanted to steal something away, but "mysophobia" attack, he cleaned the house, causing two people a funny story. (commissioning editor Zhao Guangxia and Song Xinrui)相关的主题文章: