The Commission of the credit card is not capped vague explanation

The Commission of the credit card is not capped to explain vague     the Sina Finance (public opinion leader WeChat No. kopleader) market reaction columnist Dong Zheng from the credit card fees down, not only did not reach the expected purpose, the merchant’s enthusiasm was not installed because of this increase, and therefore did not get rid of "loss", or even "the collapse of the wave, but set codes become the tumor acquiring market"". If it is simply the root causes of business losses and failures, the responsibility of poor management to the credit card fee is completely ignorant. The Commission held 14 press conference, in response to the credit card issuing bank service charges do not implement the single cap problem. Explained that because the credit card allows overdraft, make different policies for the issuing bank service charges, credit card debit card transactions, is to consider the differences in transaction cost of these two types of bank card, business risk characteristics, make different arrangements of foreign credit card fee practices, is mainly reflected the actual situation of the credit card transaction cost and high risk, this helps to arouse the enthusiasm of commercial bank, credit cards, consumer credit business development. However, the interpretation of the NDRC, does not seem to do not cap reason to say clearly, just to emphasize the two reasons. The separation of borrowing and lending rates is in line with international standards, but the rate level? As everyone knows, receiving status is the single market is facing great pressure to reject large consumer credit card, bank from some sources that before some large consumer credit card, the transaction has been significantly reduced, this situation will probably continue for a period of time. It is difficult to say whether the level of this rate can really play the purpose of mobilizing the enthusiasm of commercial banks, but a bunch of problems left to the market. Merchants on the issue of credit card refused because of the problem of a long time. To brush the earliest event, from 2004, Shanghai and Shenzhen have some business rates caused, although the debate was digested by the market, but after a few years, this contradiction has not subsided, until it reached a peak in 2012. At the time of Pengxie warning, catering enterprises nationwide collapse rave reviews, a big reason is unbearable burden of credit card fees. Deputy Secretary of Anhui Provincial Institute of public relations officer Zhang Bao had suggested that further down the credit card rates will undoubtedly give the catering enterprises again burden, but also mentioned a key question: if the government including catering enterprises of small and medium enterprises tax, reduce the effect than the positive effect of bank card rates brought more intuitive. Based on this, in 2012 the central bank issued a "notice" about to do a bank card fees standard adjustment of implementation, announced the adjustment scheme of the bank card credit card charges, including meals and entertainment category, general public, livelihood, consumer credit card fees are reduced, including meals and entertainment category up to 37.5% reduction. Development and Reform Commission also issued on the optimization and adjustment of bank card swipe fees notice, emphasizing the significance of the rate cut, the new rate in February 25, 2013 formally implemented. However)相关的主题文章: