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The countdown | "home town Liangxiang health first" colorful Chrysanthemum Exhibition Opening – tourism Sohu qiuyinong, chrysanthemum fragrance, Liangxiang early autumn chrysanthemum exhibition each season ushered in the colorful scenery is different, now it was the cool early autumn, the flowers are brilliant. In September 27, 2016, sponsored by the township government, Beijing forest landscape group, Beijing sea Metro Ltd., Beijing kaida-hengye Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd. hosted the home town of Liangxiang health first "colorful Chrysanthemum Exhibition will be opened in Liangxiang Beijing forest ecological garden and park, to meet the majority of tourists, this exhibition will continue until in October 7th, for a period of 11 days. The colorful chrysanthemum festival will also feature more than and 40 varieties of chrysanthemum and fine color leafed plants, and through the forum, theme day, photo exhibition in the form of visitors to the display of the new face of Liangxiang, so that visitors have a more comprehensive understanding of Liangxiang. Beijing forest ecological garden airview effect map to build Liangxiang home town, look for a better future to thoroughly implement the party’s eighteen Congress proposed to accelerate the development of urbanization and realize the great idea of "China dream", township and China Shipping Group launched a comprehensive cooperation of Township Town area of 25.9 square kilometers, three-dimensional the whole field of urban and rural construction projects, is expected to achieve the town 16 administrative villages full of new urbanization. The project will be implemented in accordance with the guidance of unit township planning ideas, the overall consideration, according to the Beijing City, returning farmland to green, guiding the development of new industries, the development of health care, cultural and creative, modern agriculture industry system. Create a set of medical, health, rehabilitation as one of the "home town". Therefore, this event will be reflected in all aspects of livable, healthy concept, hoping to demonstrate the ecological Liangxiang, looking forward to a better future. The sea – Liangxiang town home renderings of large coffee gathering at the "eco city of wisdom Liangxiang" theme forum September 27th afternoon, "eco city of Liangxiang wisdom" theme forum will be held in Beijing, new varieties of forest ecological garden city construction pilot area, all the big coffee gathered here to discuss issues related to the future development of Liangxiang the joint Liangxiang new urbanization construction suggestions. This will be invited to Chinese, director of architectural design and Research Institute of city planning and Design Center Senior city planner Professor Yang Yifan, vice president of Peking University Landscape Design Research Institute, China Ecological Society of city ecology Specialized Committee Secretary General Li Dihua, "Beijing wisdom scenic construction standards" (Beijing tour issued 2012 Document No. 43) the main drafter "Beijing wisdom tourism action plan" in Beijing, who led the work of wisdom scenic Beijing Tourism Development Committee of the first large-scale tourism multimedia self-service terminal project manager for the Yang Dezheng (Beijing), local urban and rural planning design limited company president Wei hong. They will be in the city planning, urban construction, smart city operations and sponge city as the theme for speech, I believe you will speak to the big coffee provide very valuable suggestions for the future construction of Liangxiang. By then, the township government and the leadership of the China Sea group will also be in Liangxiang in the future planning and positioning of the building in detail.相关的主题文章: