The curtain guide system focus on how to change the travel channel

The curtain guide system   focus on how to change the travel channel in August 24th 2016, the national tour guide system reform pilot work will be held in Harbin city in Heilongjiang province. With the start of the national tour guide public service supervision platform, the Chinese tour guide system reform started. How to change the tour guide system, affecting the hearts of all parties. National Tourism Bureau recently issued "on deepening the system reform and strengthening the building of the contingent of tour guides" pointed out that to cancel the tour guide certificate valid for three years, clear the tour guide certificate standard guide certificate valid for life, life, the construction of the national tour guide public service platform to enable electronic tour guide certificate to replace the original IC card guides the choice of pilot regions; the tour guide, to carry out free practice reform, the tour guide occupation channel by a single travel agency appointed travel agencies, transition to the Internet platform and other travel services such as multiple choice. In this regard, the tourism authorities at all levels, tour guides, tourism enterprises around how to change their own attempts to start. Try the pilot city of Shanghai: Platform + insurance + efficient development mechanism at present, the National Tourism Bureau launched online guide free licensed pilot in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong, launched online and offline guide free practice pilot in Jilin and Zhangjiajie, Changbai Mountain, Hunan Changsha Guangxi Guilin, Hainan Sanya, Sichuan Chengdu and other places. As one of the pilot cities to guide the reform, Shanghai to broaden the channels for the tour guide, is actively exploring the relevant work. According to the Shanghai Tourism Bureau responsible person, Shanghai has recommended 2 pilot enterprises, built online platform, the development of the reservation system, mobilize qualified to participate in the tour guide to pilot the freedom to practice; at the same time, combined with the characteristics of Shanghai, guide reasonable guide service standards and charging mechanism, and are widely publicized the majority of tourists recognition and support. To further improve the tourist guide service review mechanism, play a positive role in market evaluation. At the same time, Shanghai also encourage insurance companies to actively docking with the new market demand, explore and guide the introduction of free practice of liability insurance, etc., to resolve the risk of tour guides, to protect the interests of tour guides and tourists. And, for the freedom to practice the problems during the tour, the tour guide is the dissemination of information, the Internet platform to attract tourists need to take responsibility, which need to take responsibility, do further research and study. In addition, according to the person in charge, Shanghai will also guide for the freedom to practice the market supervision and emergency handling work is facing new challenges, such as establishment of "mediation arbitration + + + administrative enforcement of judicial proceedings of one of the four joint processing mechanism, timely guide service disputes, to crack down on violations of the rights of tourists the act, in violation of the relevant laws, not the integrity of the tour guide strict penalties, until removed from the tour guide team. The responsible person also suggested to revise and perfect the relevant laws and regulations as soon as possible, to guide reform have strong legal protection, but also hope to further expand the tour guide free licensed pilot area, to meet the needs of the market. The trial of tour guide: to create a personalized professional brand, and hope to be a direct beneficiary of the tour guide system reform相关的主题文章: