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The driver drove out of hiding illegal U-turn 120 meters after the bridge collision killed who bear responsibility? Beijing – Shenyang 23 year old young ma, driving to the intersection is in a car turn around, although the two sides have a traffic accident, but a horse running out of more than 120 meters hit the pier was killed. Ma Ma parents think that is because the emergency before death, the vehicle should bear some responsibility. Is that the two sides did not turn the vehicle to touch, Ma’s death and his head no causal relationship. In this regard, the police found a speeding horse and no inspection vehicle, illegal U-turn U-turn vehicles. October 13th, Tiexi District People’s court held a public hearing of the case. Straight driving and turning vehicles passing over the case on 23 November 14, 2015 6. Born in 1992, Ma driving a modern car carrying two friends along the west side of the military route to the East and west. Get the military road located near the southwest under the viaduct, from east to west is located in the middle lane under the bridge, there are two rows of lane. Ma driving to take off a street intersection, the video shows, when the horse is ready to go through the intersection of the car, there is a car is driving along the west route to the east to turn left. At that time, the owner of the car Lu Lu to drink, so by dropping platform called on behalf of the driver Lee to help drive. From east to West Lane on both sides of a street off and get the military road traffic gang has two bridge piers. Lee along a straight line lane to the intersection, turn left traveling south to the U-turn, its line of sight by piers to see whether there is a vehicle straight lane. When the car driving to the first straight Lane Lane, may Lee found the vehicle straight driving a horse, slightly paused, a horse in front of the front drive rapid Lee passed its route is blocked by the pier. Although both sides of the vehicle did not cut but through touch, you can clearly see a slow horse driving the vehicle rear brake lights, and walking routes have a little deviation. Just after two or three seconds, a horse driving out of more than 120 meters hit the roadside on the pier, causing damage to the vehicle, the injured three people were trapped, then the three people were rescued and rushed to hospital for emergency treatment, Ma finally died by suicide. Parents of the victims of a lawsuit to compensate the police investigation found that the driver did not pass the annual inspection of vehicles, and the speed of 116 km, far exceeding the speed limit of the road section of 60 km. Because the two vehicles did not happen to touch, the police initially identified Ma drove into the pier belongs to a unilateral accident, a full responsibility. Ma’s parents saw real-time video surveillance of the intersection traffic accident that has a direct relationship with Lee driving illegal U-turn, then put forward the reconsideration to the traffic police department. In March 21st this year, the traffic police to revoke the accident, the traffic accident responsibility not to be identified, only identified a horse driving inspection of the vehicle is not speeding, and Lee left U-turn is illegal. Ma’s parents believe that the generation of driver behavior caused by the illegal U-turn, Ma for emergency lead to death, then the driver driving on behalf of Lee, owner of lvmou, driving on behalf of the company, turn the vehicle insurance company sued to Tiexi District People’s army相关的主题文章: