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The eldest daughter crying parents to help unravel the mystery on patriarchal multi – Sohu   entertainment; "four famous" the entertainment news site to help Sohu period "four famous" wonderful help stop! And in a crisis of confidence, the site preference for a robust debate; in each weather men cry girlfriend, to challenge the boundary for the music; become traitors jacket, tearful daughter mother understanding flash marriage expectations. A more interesting joke about growth Xie Lin. Male Nianxia no joke line every TV set weather crying girlfriend "love" the plot often called heart envy, "the younger man" because of sincere caring image become the current hot favourite, the "four famous" to help a couple of love, but their romance is not in the TV series so romantic. Two although the age difference of only 5 years old, but the mind is like a mother and a child. Enthusiastic about all kinds of tricks of the boyfriend almost every day to his girlfriend cry. Racing with wild boar in the road, scared pig Aoaozhijiao almost rolling down the cliff; in the scenic pictures, he had to jump on the edge of the area; wearing strange headgear? By plane, almost be mistaken for terrorists; to visit the work, just go in by her boyfriend lost a pack of dynamite. The practical joke let his girlfriend every day and feel alarmed explained: "the boyfriend, but don’t you think this is fun." Hear this explanation, Jiang Zhenyu can not help but said: "he is very confident." Who knows her boyfriend replied: "yes, because I think I didn’t do anything wrong." In this regard, users sharp comments: This is looking for a boyfriend or a milk child ah? Kindergarten children are better than him." The parents and the two boys suspected on the spot over the parents alive, and brother, but the girl sing: "the mother of the children did not like the grass roots." Originally, more than and 10 years has been suspected of patriarchal parents daughter. When it comes to this girl, a play on the first cry, "under the heavy rain they don’t pick up, they never come home late, a lot of time to open the door to see the parents and brother happy together to watch tv." In addition to daily life, the girl also complained that parents do not even care about their own learning, I went to high school, college, the school’s own election, never asked for money at home. The cost of living is earned part-time." Hearing the accusation, the father said, "what she said was a lie! You should tell the truth when you come on the show, how can you call your father such irresponsible person?. You did not pass the high school, you spent 8000, did not participate in the college entrance examination, on the vocational school and spent a total of 8000." A previous debate down, very distressed girl assistants who suddenly heart doubts, Xie Lin is advised: "you can’t go with you now to the standard child than." In order to further explain the injustice of his father, the girl also pointed out that his father did not support their own, do not give money to learn Japanese, to go to Taiwan to exchange does not agree to go to Korea do not agree." Before dad back, Yuchi Linjia says, "I don’t agree with you, this is the East Asian tour players." Fair, the scene"相关的主题文章: