The first three quarters of the annual sales exceeded the industry’s all-time high – Liaoning

Before the three quarter sales of super Hengda Industry annual record – Liaoning channel — China Hengda (HK.3333) released in October 10th September sales presentations, this year the cumulative sales reached 280 billion 580 million, for the world’s first housing prices status. Briefing shows that Hengda 1-9 month sales increased by 117.9% year on year, compared with the same period last year, a substantial increase in sales of the actual sales of more than 39.4%, only in the past 9 months, more than the industry’s annual sales record of 201 billion 300 million. Data show that in September sales was the explosive growth, reached 47 billion 520 million, an increase of 323.6%, third consecutive months of industry first; three consecutive months to break 40 billion, every month is equivalent to the annual sales of some large housing prices. In comparison, Hengda not only in the sales volume has surpassed Vanke, also better in the development speed: Hengda year cumulative sales reached 280 billion 580 million, over 17 billion 700 million monthly sales of Vanke, and also for March is significantly higher than the rate of 57%, Vanke, leading to 141% and 87% respectively. Statistics show that Vanke was founded in 1984, and as early as in 1991 listed, while Hengda was founded in 1996, listed in 2009. The analysis thinks, Hengda started for more than Vanke 12 years later, is now completely beyond the industry’s veteran leader Vanke, instead become the world’s first housing prices, reflecting its strong momentum of steady growth, strong pull the gap with their peers, will further consolidate the industry leader position. Data show that Hengda 2009 sales of only 30 billion 300 million, Vanke over the same period is more than 63 billion 400 million times more than in the past few years, the gap between the two sides continue to shrink, but in the past three years is still a difference of 70%, 62%, 30%. Hengda sales this year is more robust, with only 9 months to achieve the anti super, creating a miracle of the speed of enterprise development. Evergrande and Vanke annual sales from 50 billion to 100 billion, with a total of three years. But after reaching the scale of one hundred billion, significantly higher than the growth rate of Vanke Vanke, which increased from 100 billion to only two years, Vanke spent a year of four. Hengda this year, more than one fell swoop, once again highlights its steady and rapid development momentum. Since listing in 2015 to 2009, Hengda sales grew by 30% over the past two years up to more than 50%, while in the previous year in September has increased by more than last year’s total of 39%, expected this year, it is expected to grow by a substantial increase of 100%. Vanke average annual growth rate of about 20%. Not only sales, Hengda has also exceeded the total assets, operating income, cash balance and other core indicators of Vanke, becoming the world’s first housing prices. Semi annual report shows that Hengda interim total assets, turnover, core business profits, cash balances and other indicators are leading the industry, respectively, 287 billion 600 million higher than Vanke, 12 billion 700 million, 2 billion 500 million, 140 billion 100 million. Hengda in September to complete the sales area of 5 million 158 thousand square meters, 1-9 month total sales area of 34 million 577 thousand square meters, for many years in the country first, respectively, over 50000 square meters, 14 million 656 thousand square meters. September 30th, G & G released in 2016 1-9 month equity sales list, Hengda cumulative equity sales相关的主题文章: