The global 2016dji UAV developer contest runner up of Wuhan University Students-tda7294

The global 2016DJI UAV developer contest Wuda students won the bronze newspaper news (reporter Wang Zhen correspondent Wu Jianglong Yu Huai) "in Rome ended in New York, the global 2016DJI UAV developer contest" the day before, composed of the State Key Laboratory of remote sensing and Information Engineering Wuhan University School of electronic information and mapping students Griffin team, finishing third. Results. The contest sponsored by Xinjiang innovation, Ford Motor Co in the United States and the United Nations Development Programme, in the "post disaster rescue team" as the theme, requirements of design applications, control of the UAV from vehicles on take-off, automatic search for survivors, obstacle avoidance and path planning, real-time information, automatic return to return to land etc. This is the three series of operations, to design the most difficult and most practical one. Yesterday, "Griffin" team leader Fu Kaimin introduced, the biggest difficulty is to search and landing. A 6 cm × cm; 6 small pieces of paper are "survivors", lying in the grass, trees, stones around the old furniture and simulation after the disaster scene, their UAV is 70 cm in diameter, 7 pounds of multiple big man, in 1.5 meters from the ground flight side to avoid obstacles while searching the target. The actual game, to complete the search of "Survivor" task is not a team, some team UAV wings. "The Griffin team" although the object is not found, but successfully arrived in the disaster area and complete the search operation. The tournament attracted a total of more than and 130 teams from around the world, after three rounds of competition, the last 10 teams qualify for the final, half of which came from china. In addition to the top three, the other teams for the Luxemburg University, Graz University, Korea Institute of science and technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Southeast University, Chinese University Hong Kong, Xi’an Jiao Tong University.相关的主题文章: