The history of international communist movement — the first Russian Culture —

"The history of international communist movement" — the first Russian Culture — Beijing 31 August, authorized by the people’s publishing house, "Marx theory research and construction project key textbook" — one of the "Russian history of the international communist movement" in the Russian version of the recently published, this is the "horse project" for the first time the output of foreign textbooks copyright. The history of international communist movement is one of the key materials of Marx’s theory research and construction engineering, which was published by people’s Publishing House in 2012. This book by Marx’s stand and viewpoint, analyzes and expounds the history of the international communist movement, summarizes the international communist movement experiences and lessons, analyses the relation development of socialism and socialism in the world Chinese characteristics, emphasizes the Chinese great achievements of the socialist revolution and construction in the major contribution to the International Communist movement. The book of World Communist Party (PKK) leader of the labor movement and socialist revolution and construction are introduced and analyzed, the major countries in the world to the Communist Party (PKK) development process, merits and demerits of the objective evaluation. In this paper, the author analyzes and criticizes some erroneous trends in the research field of the history of international communist movement, and uses the historical materialism to analyze and criticize it. Significant changes in the theme of the times background, the book on the prospect of the international communist movement is prospected, discusses the necessity of adhering to the Marx doctrine, the development of the Marx doctrine, is China research on the international communist movement an important work. By the people’s Publishing House and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Department together, people’s Publishing House authorized in July this year, Russia in global press officially publish the book version of the Russian, issue facing the world. Global publishing house is one of the most important philosophical and Social Science Press in russia. The book by the famous Russian sinologist, Russian Academy of Sciences Professor Broff led the organization of the Russian translator after two years of translation completed. "The history of international communist movement" is the first output of foreign copyright "horse project" teaching materials, but also Russia for 25 years since the publication of the first book of the international communist movement book, which is of pioneering significance. This book has a greater innovation in terms of view, language, style, vividly reflects the Chinese perspective, international expression, greatly improving the Chinese scholars in the field of international academic discourse and influence. (He Cheng) (Huang Wei Shiyao, commissioning editor: soup)相关的主题文章: