The I’m sorry, you can not afford Hangzhou has provoked netizens angrily in Beijing

The "I’m sorry, you can not afford" Hangzhou has provoked netizens angrily – Beijing, this special group reported September 12th, an article entitled "sorry, you can not afford" Hangzhou has the Hangzhou people in a circle of friends go viral. Because the content involved in Hangzhou’s housing, transportation, education, price and many other areas of livelihood, quickly hit 100 thousand +. For the deep love of the city of Hangzhou people, the face of this article is a complex emotional. Some people think the stamp in their pain points, but more people start thinking: the publisher in order to discredit and discredit, specially selected widespread urban diseases in Hangzhou, and magnify. Netizens commented, with the problems in the development of the fanning amplification, with sensational poison the social emotions, especially after universally hailed the success of Hangzhou G20, I really do not know what is the motive? The main WeChat public release of this article is Shenzhen Duoyide company, through the search, reporters found that the company has offices in Shenzhen, Beijing, Hangzhou and many other city, WeChat public, operating around are named "XX life tide". From the beginning of July and August this year, these areas (including but not limited to) the "tide of life" has released a "sorry, you can not afford" XX articles, and quickly spread on the Internet seems to have become a "can not afford" series. In the "I’m sorry, you can not afford" Hangzhou has a text, even "volatile weather" also became used to discredit Hangzhou reason, dumbfounding. Hangzhou is also immersed in the G20’s sense of honor in this article why behind pour cold water as a banquet ended, the end of the G20 summit in Hangzhou, Hangzhou people are back to when the host happy to celebrate their self praise. At this time, the "I’m sorry, you can not afford" Hangzhou has appeared in the circle of friends. The beginning of the article is this: Hangzhou, a new city. There are opportunities, fashion, beauty, food, or the country’s first G20 City, cattle! Hangzhou has also become a place where many people choose to live. However, with the change of content and style: one, compared to the deep North of Guangzhou, the number of the resident population of Hangzhou although less, but Xiaobian want to say is that Hangzhou has let people can not afford! Then, this paper enumerates the life in Hangzhou 13 pain points, including housing, transportation, education, price, and even the weather, marriage, language, in order to tell "Hangzhou drift" in the city is not easy. Although seemingly cited many official data, but is actually in order to discredit and discredit, ulterior motives. For example, the article to G20 after the phenomenon of Hangzhou tourists blowout, inferred that Hangzhou is a city on the tourist season". As a world-class landscape of Hangzhou, to travel more than normal thing. For ordinary people in Hangzhou, not only is not a pain, but it will be proud of this, because tourism brings the city bonus, the public will share. For example, the article said, Hangzhou prices rose so that people do not understand". In fact, the rise in prices is a national phenomenon. Hangzhou city in the country.相关的主题文章: