The judge was Shandong County vice president at the threat of surveillance video exposure in Beijing lformat

The judge was Shandong County vice president at the threat of surveillance video exposure – Beijing recently, on the network a clash in video banks caused widespread concern, said the publisher of video recording, Shandong Shouguang court staff of two debtor bank accounts in Shandong and Heze Caoxian seized, not only is more than and 30 hit also, by the vice chairman of the local CPPCC, scold threat. After the incident, Heze Municipal Committee of the joint investigation team set up to investigate the incident, the reporter learned the news from the survey group, Caoxian CPPCC Vice Chairman Han Baoliang has been suspended for investigation, Caoxian public security organs have been involved in criminal detention of 5 people, the incident is under further investigation. Court personnel handling the case was blocked video surveillance to restore the whole process of conflict in order to ascertain the truth, CCTV reporter came to the Bank of Caoxian, and got a complete surveillance video. Monitoring screen display, at 9:55 on September 8th, a white car into the bank monitoring of the line of sight. Soon, the three men from the white car and the driver to get off the back seat, went straight to the bank hall. By viewing the documents and other relevant materials, the bank staff learned that the two men in front of the counter for Shouguang City People’s court staff: a bailiff, a clerk, are holders of official duties permit and work permit. Monitor display, ten minutes later, three men entered the bank business hall, came to the counter 2, in which a white man and a court staff after shaking hands and patted another court staff. Subsequently, several people have been chatting, and during this time someone came. 10:14 34 seconds, the white man pulled one of the court staff, then, standing near a man stepped forward, and this court staff physical conflict. See colleagues being torn, another court staff stand up to help out. But soon a man pushed him out. So, who are these people in conflict with the court staff? What is the cause of the conflict? Vice chairman of Caoxian CPPCC is refers to scold, threat the officer of the court on September 15th morning, Caoxian people’s Government Information Office official micro-blog Caoxian release responded on the matter. In response, the morning of September 8th, Shandong Province, Shouguang City Court two staff Li Moumou, song Moumou and two executive applicant went to Caoxian rural commercial bank, seized the debtor Shandong BRIC Investment Company Limited accounts, by the company staff and workers hinder. Caoxian Public Security Bureau rushed to the scene after the alarm disposal, to hinder the execution of official personnel were expelled, and two executive staff of the court and the applicant perform security escort from Caoxian, while investigating the case, the three suspects detained by the security law, the case is under further investigation and handling. After the release of micro-blog, some people questioned whether the applicant, executive and executive in the police arrived immediately after leaving Caoxian, because according to the video publishers said they did not immediately be escorted out of Caoxian, but was brought to a so-called command, and by the Caoxian CPPCC Vice Chairman Han Baoliang shouted, threat.相关的主题文章: