The man bought a famous ink painting is the fine print of the artist himself

The man who bought a famous ink painting is the fine print of the artist himself cheated the old man in Zhejiang, Pujiang love Chinese ink painting, calligraphy and painting collection for more than and 10 years, in particular, love a well-known modern painter. Last December, he spent 120 thousand yuan to buy a picture from a gallery of the old painter, excited for several months. Please master mounting re framed, did not expect the master opened the paper, be startled at. Do you guess what happened? Later, in order to draw this picture, Chen Ran between the identification of bodies and the courts, and now things are not. This period "attestation record" we say fake paintings high simulation of the latest technology to show true shape. Read the text again to see the old material collectors judgment is genuine, so start with the old Chen Aihao painting collection of calligraphy and painting is a senior admission, especially love a good painting of the famous modern painter, his works of perennial. In December last year, Chen in the gallery of the country’s painter of a water ink figure painting. The painting is someone in the gallery of the consignment. Lao Chen often and often go to the gallery, wear a long time (a process called "do the price"), and finally by more than 120 thousand the price down, and pay a certain proportion of intermediary fees gallery. Chen said he had never passed the eye, buy a painting has a routine: first, identification is not the painter, painting brushwork and ink method. Collection of painting and calligraphy, the authenticity has always been controversial, if your eyesight is not enough, buy a copy of the fake, can not blame others, called the "drill". In this picture, he is confident, authentic. Second, consider whether it is printed matter. Mr. Chen to see a magnifying glass painting with 40 times, and check back and forth several times. His experience, general printing with inkjet printing, can see a magnified ink deposit. Lao Chen said, there is no trace of painting. He believes that painting is genuine, decisive start. Re framed, suddenly came back problems do not buy paper ink painting is framed, the upper layer is painted paper, the lower is the old yellow paper back, and fold. "This picture is preserved is not good, I want to send to back." Lao Chen has always been cautious, explain first opened a corner to see. Mounting master manual work is fine, slowly open the upper left corner of the painting, even on the back of a piece of clean paper. Two hearts are thumped: finished, painting a problem. Understand the point of Chinese people know, painting, ink penetration, paper back there will be traces of ink dipping. "Fake can argue, can be printed is completely false." Lao Chen asked for a refund to draw back, according to him, when the gallery was recognized. But the owner is a layman, see no genuine doorway. The three parties agreed to find the authority to do a identification. In April this year, the painting was sent to a forensic expert in Hangzhou Zhang Zhang’s hand. We do not say first identified this picture as to what extent, there is a small episode, which bought the painting after the old Chen about a few friends, find the painter home together tasting. The old painter carefully looked and said, indeed painted this picture. You see, I don’t even see the problem. The use of 200 times microscope paper finally revealed the print colors is not printed documents, identification is not trouble. Zhang used a high-resolution microscope to get it. No..相关的主题文章: