The man promised them cheat more than 40 for gambling squandered

The man promised them cheat more than 40 for gambling squandered the original title: man promised them cheated more than 40 yuan for gambling squandered in November 5, Wuhan (Lian Xun Liu Jie) Hubei Jingmen a man around to spread the news that he can help others by physicians, pharmacists, graduate examination, has swindled more than 30 victims of more than 40 yuan of money. Recently, Jingmen, Zhongxiang Public Security Bureau police station will be a series of fraud suspects arrested Chen Mouhui. In September 2016, the people of Zhongxiang to set the police station said Chen Hu, Chen Mouhui to help handle the pharmacist qualification certificate, help his daughter pass the postgraduate examination by its Pianzou cash 4.2 yuan. Upon inquiry, the police learned that in June this year, Chen introduced by others to find Chen Mouhui, Chen Hui said can help handle the doctor, pharmacist qualification, and can provide answers to help his daughter through the postgraduate examination, Chen then pay 42 thousand yuan to Chen Mouhui. Can wait until the results of the exam was announced, Chen’s daughter did not pass the graduate exam, he did not pass the certificate exam pharmacist, Chen then request a refund. Chen Mouhui also said he can help them modify the score, please wait for them. After the normal exam candidates have to get permits, Chen still did not get the pharmacist qualification, Chen Mouhui again for the money has been handed over to the school, a refund will take time to reason. Chen found deceived, then alarm. Police collected fixed evidence of Chen Mouhui’s crime, and in September 30th will be arrested in Wuhan, Chen Mouhui. The police also found in the course of investigation, since March 2015, Chen Mouhui several times to help others to handle physicians and pharmacists qualification certificate, PubMed package "in the name of defrauding the trust of others after the implementation of fraud, a total of more than 30 cases of crime, involving a value of more than 40 yuan. Police investigation learned that Chen Hui, 27 years old, Zhongxiang people, after graduating from a college in Wuhan. Chen Mouhui said that during his first girlfriend broke up with him, so that by the blow. Subsequently, Chen Mouhui and feel too slow to work, then began to enter the casino, addicted to gambling, has lost about 800 thousand yuan. He will also be prepared for his father’s marriage of 200 thousand yuan for a special loan. In desperation, Chen Hui will think of the use of their own work in Colleges and universities to facilitate the use of stolen money. He spread his message to help others through the exam, get a lot of candidates eager to pass the exam trust, cheated more than 40 yuan, and all for gambling squandered. Currently, Chen Mouhui has been under criminal detention, the case is being further processed. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: