The man stole four bags of soft shelled Turtle was found to be a sure catch Xinyoubugan. doat

The man stole four bags of soft shelled Turtle was found to be a sure catch escape Xinyoubugan saying "the oriole in the post, Shanghai Cai this is also made a return to" mantis". He thought of stealing a turtle, did not expect to be a policeman a sure catch. At the beginning of this year, Cai went to work in Shanghai, but the city is not easy to find a job, Cai spent money, to just know "Master Wang" steal turtle. "The turtle to steal money fast, turtle to steal one night and then sell income may seven thousand or eight thousand." Cai Mou said. One night in March, CAI and Wang contacted the driver Zhu old, driving from Shanghai, came to the Capitol in advance the location is near the turtle pond contracted Ms. ren. Two people enter the turtle pond under the cover of darkness. Two hours later, they caught four bags of soft shelled turtle. In carrying a turtle swam to the shore just was hit with two people, found that the situation is not good, the turtle ran away. Seeing to the mouth of the turtle fly, Cai heart has unwilling, he decided to try once again. Later, CAI and about the people, along the way back to the lady’s turtle pond, but which will think they have been locked. Jiaxing Haiyan County People’s court after hearing that the defendant Cai Gang illegal possession for the purpose of using secret means committing the crime of theft, stolen property worth more than RMB 8000 yuan, the larger amount, constituted theft, sentenced to six months imprisonment, fined three thousand yuan.相关的主题文章: