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"The most beautiful police" cancer IT industry when the new network to relay son police – in the evening of 29 8 points, by the Luzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, Luzhou City, the "spiritual civilization" organized by the office of the first "drunk beautiful Luzhou police (police)? The most beautiful" award ceremony held at the Palace of Fine Arts jiangyang. 10 "most beautiful police", 10 "the most beautiful scene for recognition of police.". The police had cancer stage for his son award, it is understood that the "drunk beautiful Luzhou police (police)? The most beautiful" contest to take recommendation of the masses voting, organization and evaluation methods were selected, finally, the Luzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Jiangyang District branch of Lantian police station director Yu Yang 10 people was the first "drunk beautiful Luzhou? The most beautiful police" honorary title; Luzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Longmatan District Branch police station star 10 collective was the first "drunk beautiful Luzhou? The most beautiful" honorary title. The most beautiful police presentation link, in the neat uniform, a casual man seemed more offbeat Award: he is the son of reservoir Chang Luxian County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade police Chu Haitao. Chu Haitao won the most beautiful police, but a few days ago to check out of cancer, son came to him for the award. Reservoir Chang introduction, at present, the father is in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy. Father from the police for more than 30 years, the whole family’s care is very little, get away from many, a lot of time to see him, are at work." Although tired, but his father has been dedicated to their duties, to do their own work. Reservoir Chang said, previously, he had engaged in IT industry in Chongqing, the income is not bad. But the father always hoped that he can become a glorious people’s police, the father of Ao however he returned to Luzhou in the auxiliary, income gap also once let the father and son quarrel. "Now, my father’s greatest wish is that I want to be a police officer, I will work towards this goal." Chu Chang said. Deal with a dispute back and forth 9 hours of township police foot measurement work, often a day can only solve a problem, back and forth on foot on the road too much time." Xuyong County Water Town police station director Zhao Liang, is the most beautiful police winners, talking about their own experience, Zhao Liang admits: really bitter, but never thought of giving up, because it is the responsibility of honor. The town is one of the largest villages and towns in Xuyong, its rural areas are remote and poor traffic. Zhao Liang, the most impressive one, in order to deal with a remote village disputes, the day walking 9 hours of the mountain, "6:30 in the morning of 12 to 2 in the afternoon, after the dispute, the home has dark." But the successful settlement of the things he was pleased, in Zhao Liang’s memory, a similar situation and many, many times a day can only handle one thing. More is to chat with the masses, make friends, understand their needs, in order to solve the problem." At the grassroots level, Zhao Liang’s method of work to win everyone’s recognition, but also reap countless praise. 14 years from the police career, Zhao Liang rooted at the grassroots level for the past 14 years, grew up to guard the safety of a strong side. Huaxi City Reader reporter Xu Qing相关的主题文章: