The mountain is so beautiful, have you – Sohu to eat and drink peepsamurai

The mountain is so beautiful, have you? Sohu and the longing for the tea or fog or breeze Buddha, the vast expanse of tea and the tea, the tea girl was partly hidden and partly visible element, that the dream to the tea, tea. March rain, the sun broke through the clouds of overlapping, shining in the sparkling emerald green tea shoots, spring breeze blowing a man. A man in the mountains and dense forests, such as cloud cover fog around spring buzz from tree branches just picking tea leaves, the smell of tea with eyes closed. In March of this year, we will join the ranks of Xi tea, tea garden, climbing the mountain, visit, ask the farmers to learn from the production process of white tea, learning new technology Black Tea, influence factors of tea quality to understand the production process, the experience of three days and two nights of farmers life, feel the soil give palm temperature. First look at the author carefully selected four dasan. 1, in Yunnan province Chashan town of Dong mang Dasan pendulum pendulum is located in Cangyuan County, Lincang City, Yunnan Province, Meng Meng Dong, located in the southeast of the town, from the town government is located 10 kilometers to the town road is gravel road, convenient transportation, 10 kilometers from the county seat. The East and the permanent cold village is the southern border with Burma, West and adjacent to the north with the Dragon Naicun, Meng Dong River community. Awn is placed Chashan tea area it has ever diangong, follow from a cup of tea to full control of the trajectory, as far as possible environmentally friendly way of being kind of tea, from the soil, water and air to the tea plants from the beginning and finishing to fight with, each step carefully control. Yunnan black tea cord tight knot, produced by the uniform, gold was still significant; Tang sehong bright; full aroma; taste mellow and sweet. 2, Guangdong Shaoguan Chashan town red red Chashan town located in the northwest of Guangdong province Renhua county, Utopia garden, unique Danxia landform, mineral rich and fertile soil of South of the Five Ridges bred alone good quality tea. In this there is no environmental pollution, its hometown, Gaoping Baimao tea nature reserve, 4800 acres of organic tea quietly breeding of famous international Renhua Baimao tea". As tribute tea raw materials "Renhua Baimao tea" tea varieties, tea shoots fat, full phi, amino acid content is rich, is the treasures of South of the Five Ridges tea. Renhua Baimao tea is the local tea peculiar to Guangdong Province, according to the process are divided into different Black Tea and Green Tea, with bud stout, tea without full phi, taste glycol, with four characteristics of orchid fragrance, to harvest the Qingming Festival "Qingming tea" the highest quality, the ancient imperial tribute. 3, Guangdong, Lantau Peak, Lantau Peak, Guangdong province is located in the northern part of the city of Chaozhou, more than and 30 kilometers, belonging to Chaoan County, Chaozhou. The mountain peak towering tall and straight, riflebird bun elevation 1497.8 meters, known as "Chaozhou Guangdong Province is also known as" the roof of the first peak. Both the rock caves, waterfalls and streams; both pine and bamboo, and exotic flowers and rare herbs, beautiful natural scenery. Lantau Peak is rich in single Cong tea, in the Phoenix Narcissus group selection of excellent varieties of tea plant, after cultivation, picking, processing. When tasting Dancong tea, can only be described as beautiful, fragrant tea can be surprised to this extent, more surprised a kind of tea can have so much flavor, honey spearmint, gardenia fragrance, sweet scented osmanthus, Magnolia "相关的主题文章: