The movie box office will punish false concealed ” black artist ” inhibition upgrad-reshacker

The movie box office will punish false concealed   " black artist " inhibition upgrade – the media – original title: "black artist" inhibition upgrade yesterday, in the twelfth session of the twenty-second meeting of the NPC Standing Committee on the film industry promotion law draft two trial. The second trial specifically to increase the draft of the relevant provisions for the misdeeds of artists ", clearly defined the terms:" the movie actor and director, practitioners should be in accordance with the requirements of DeYiShuangXin, comply with laws and regulations, respect social ethics, abide by the occupation morality, strengthen self-discipline, establish a good social image." In early September 2014, SARFT issued a "Notice of ban misdeeds, artist Wen pointed out that the individual writer, director and actor of film and television practitioners by public security organs to investigate because of drug abuse, prostitution and other illegal behavior, damage the image of the industry, resulting in a very bad social influence. Last October, the film industry promotion law of the trial, for the misdeeds of artists, there were suggestions to increase film industry personnel occupation moral self-discipline regulations. For the misdeeds of actors, especially the criminal acts "actor", a limited "banned" or even "banned" the punishment of life. In addition to the draft in the second instance of the film practitioners to develop the principles of the terms, but also requires the film industry organizations to develop industry self-regulation norms. This year, the movie box office China frequent false news, the impact is very bad. In the first instance, it was suggested to strengthen the supervision of the box office revenue, increase the false and concealed box office revenue behavior punishment. The second instance, the Law Committee of the proposed increase in provisions of the two reviewers: "film distribution companies, cinema statistics, sales revenue should provide the film accurately, making a false transaction means, shall not take false concealed sales income and unfair, disrupting the film market order." At the same time also provides the corresponding administrative penalties: "film distribution companies, the cinema did not truthfully statistics, sales income, by the film department in charge of people’s governments at the county level from fifty thousand yuan to five hundred thousand yuan fine; if the circumstances are serious, shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification; special circumstances are serious, the original issuing authority shall revoke the license." (trainee reporter Lu Yier) (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章: