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"After the hunt is" the biggest thing is open chapeau absurd humor small figures – Beijing Shanghai newspaper news "sun burning heart", school director Cao Baoping to push new. By Liu Ye, Zhang Yi, Duan Bowen, Wang Ziwen, Tan Zhuo, Wang Yanhui, Yan Bei and Sun Lei starred in the movie "the murderer" also will be released in September 14th. Yesterday, "the murderer" also held the "Sun Xing" conference in Shanghai. The story begins from the Far West Village a brutal murder, "foolish" second mechanic song (Liu Ye) as the first suspect by the police push. This would allow the three second song: "," young and dangerous "and Wang Youquan, the nightclub foreman Dong Xiaofeng’s fate together, staged a fantastic black battle. After the conference, Cao Baoping accepted an exclusive interview with this reporter. Reporter (hereinafter referred to as Kee): just show a lot of laughter when the film, why in the "hot sun burning heart" after making such a humorous film? Cao Baoping (hereinafter referred to as CaO): relatively absurd black comedy, the end of a more serious attitude of expression, has been my favorite. "The murderer also" character form and original story, natural absurdity, with black comedy expression premise and temperament. Reporter: "why is the murderer" link narrative characters by multi angle? Cao: with traditional linear narrative, strength and innovation is not enough. Reporter: but the multi-dimensional narrative, also let the murderer "also" suspense weakened, everybody’s motives are at a glance. Cao: yes. But this film is not completely rely on the suspense to impress the audience, but by people, everyone is written in the event of involvement in the murder. They are all in a state of irreversible, impossible to grasp. Reporter: are you filming wild rumors, demanding, is actor torture master. Cao (laughs): This is a myth. I just want to "get" what I feel like. The remake is because of a lack of "accurate", almost no one, can not over, I will find where the problem is. Note: in the film’s "yellow hair" young Wang Youquan Duan Bowen, acting very naturally. Cao: on the whole, I am satisfied with the actors, including Duan Bowen. But there is also a drink he and Wang Ziwen play, took a lot of times, are "not", even if the. Reporter: some of your films are based on real events, you will adapt to the current hot case, the silver case? Cao: silver case this theme, it is estimated that there are a lot of people bashing up. (laughter) but I have yet to see a comprehensive, scientific, rational account of the case. This kind of thing to understand thoroughly, in order to write (script). According to the real events, the more difficult the more difficult, less successful, and now many of the adaptations are driven by interests. Newspaper reporter Lu Fang相关的主题文章: