The net transfer of crab chemical carcinogenic rumor, the public can eat-rainism

The net transfer of crab chemical carcinogenic rumor, the public can eat autumn, crab legs itch." Recently, WeChat group of friends is crazy "stop us New York Health Bureau, said the Chinese eat crab" is just the roe crab paste digestive gland, excretory gland and hepatopancreas place, will accumulate large amounts of harmful chemicals, may cause cancer. Wuhan fisheries experts said, crabs for demanding aquaculture environment, water is not good at not long, people do not have to worry about eating crab and cancer. This network transmission article quotes the "newspaper" reported that the New York Municipal Health Bureau recently will love Chinese crab roe crab paste as forbidden to eat parts, because these places include digestive gland, excretory gland and hepatopancreas, chemicals are concentrated, contains a large number of such as PCBs, dioxins and cadmium other chemical substances. Health Bureau reminds, not juice crab cooking sauce, should not give the children to eat, so as not to affect the development of children. Wuhan evening news reporter WeChat will be forwarded to the Fisheries Bureau of Hubei Province Fisheries expert Dr. Xu Xiangyang. "This is an alarmist, interpret out of context." Xu Xiangyang explained: "water biological enrichment phenomenon, aquatic food chain is the" big fish eat small fish, small fish eat small shrimp, small shrimp eat mud ", only when the water environment by heavy metals or chemical pollution, these toxic substances can be" enriched "in the long-term living in aquatic organisms. "And is" the biological indicator ", they require high quality of living environment and water quality." Xu Xiangyang said, as long as the crab place, indicating that the water environment is quite good. Polychlorinated biphenyls, dioxins and cadmium these chemicals, are subjected to external environmental pollution, but once the contaminated water or heavy metal exceed the standard, the inside of the crabs will die soon, it is impossible to grow up. This kind of shellfish is very "smart", they will not stop the harmful substances in the body shell will fade away. Xu Xiangyang also eat crabs. He said the crab is the parent crab ovary, the male crab cream is simply not the seminal vesicle, digestive gland and excretory gland. The liver is rich in polysaccharides and rich in nutrients. Domestic crab is basically artificial breeding, can rest assured to eat. Hubei nutritionist training school president Sun Guangfu admitted that the nutritional value of the crab is very high, are easy to digest and absorb high-quality protein. Especially the crab, contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, can promote brain development. But it taste cold, eat more easily cause diarrhea, one does not recommend more than 2-3, preferably with ginger juice do dips, or drink some ginger tea. Sun Guangfu reminded that many people love to eat crab with beer, this is the most intolerable. Crab purine is relatively high, beer is a catalyst, high uric acid and gout patients had better not eat.相关的主题文章: