The new Honda 1.5T powered by Jed declare figure exposure-8l9840

The new Honda 1.5T power by Jade declared the day before exposure, we obtained the new Dongfeng Honda Jade (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) of the Ministry of the new application diagram, optimized design in the face and tail details, in addition to the 1.8L engine power system, a new 1.5T engine. According to previous reports, the car will be released in 2016. Appearance, the new jade grille of the new design, with chrome trim, the front LOGO by the adjustment of the position on the current model for the location of the middle of the front grille. At the same time, the new front bumper on both sides of the lamp set is equipped with a new chrome border. In addition, the car is equipped with Aluminum Alloy rim two new shape. The rear of the car, the car mainly for the lower part of the rear bumper shape is adjusted, the 1.8L models of the type of single-sided exhaust, 1.5T models for the total of two bilateral exhaust, at the same time, an increase in the tail 1.5T models for TURBO logo. In addition to the new power, Jed equipped with 1.8L naturally aspirated engine using the current model, but also a new model for the L15BF 1.5T engine, maximum power of 156 horsepower (115 kW).相关的主题文章: