The new phone brings freshness, the old cell phone to deal with the problem-footman

The new mobile phone to bring fresh, old mobile phone into the public Miss Guo earlier through the Tmall platform to book a 128G silver iPhone7, yesterday morning they received a new mobile phone, Miss Guo said, in addition to the new mobile phone brings fresh, before the use of the iPhone5 how to deal with it has become a big problem. Guo said that although the old phone, but it does not affect the normal use, with two mobile phones are too heavy, I should send it." Also has a new machine, Ms. Wang said that in the old mobile phone processing problems on their own more inclined to sell the old phone after the valuation. In this regard, the reporter, in fact, iPhone old users, in the online line can carry out the old mobile phone valuation, within a specified period of time, using the specified evaluation models to participate in trade activities, the background will be on mobile phone color, storage capacity, purchase channels, whether lock, warranty, background color, border the appearance of the screen and mobile phone has no maintenance over the situation to carry on the preliminary statistics, so that a general price, based on the actual product valuation on the limit price of 100 yuan, and finally to return now sent to the user easy to pay treasure account. The public in September 1st to September 30th according to the assessment of on the page, to old change new. It is reported that now with old change new stores have Zhongshan Park store, Pudong store, Wujiaochang store.相关的主题文章: