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The next five years to $10 thousand per capita GDP Hunan drawn "beautiful vision of happiness" – Beijing, Beijing Changsha on 15 November, (reporter Liu Shuangshuang) Hunan Province, the Eleventh Party Congress of 15 in Hunan Province, people’s Hall opening. On behalf of the tenth session of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, he made a report to the General Assembly entitled "do not forget to continue to move forward to build a beautiful and happy new Hunan". Du cents said that in the next five years, Hunan is a comprehensive well-off society to open the key period of the new journey of realizing basic modernization, to implement the strategy, innovation leading the rise of open, struggling to build a rich and beautiful happy new Hunan. Du cents, rich, is to adhere to the development in order to build a well-off society, the per capita GDP strive to reach more than $10000, the economic and social development of the overall reach the level of moderately developed countries; beauty is to adhere to ecological priority, the sunshine earth mountain water show, Tianlong net, a better home for happiness; is to adhere to the livelihood of the people, let the people to live more comfortable, more satisfied, more work is satisfactory, the whole society more loving. To achieve rich and beautiful and happy new Hunan vision, the need to put Hunan in the country to develop a large pattern of positioning." Du cents, general secretary Xi Jinping visited Hunan, from a global perspective and strategic height of science on the Hunan "one" (the transition of eastern coastal areas and the central and western regions, the Yangtze River economic belt and open coastal economic belt junction) advantage, clear positioning, pointed out the direction for the development of Hunan. Hunan should seize the industrial gradient transfer, development, open space gradient Gradient Advancement and national implementation of the "three strategies" and other major opportunities, to play a "transition zone" advantage to gather resources, play a "combination of" advantage expand opening up, improve the overall quality of the economy and competitiveness, accelerate the formation of a rational structure, optimization, regional coordination urban and rural development, the development of a new pattern. Du Hao said that the implementation of a regional positioning, we must vigorously implement innovation lead, open up strategy. Only the comprehensive innovation, open to the central and western regions to depth, gradient development, the Yangtze River economic belt and open coastal economic zone collaborative development experience sharing and aggregation elements, seize the opportunities and win the advantage in the eastern coastal area. The implementation of innovation, lead the strategy of the rise of open, is the core meaning of the innovation of science and technology as the guide, promoting the overall innovation in all aspects of concept innovation, system innovation and culture innovation; to integrate into the "The Belt and Road" as the starting point, realize the bringing in and going out, both the internal and external opening, attracting foreign investment and technology promotion. And optimize the development environment and the depth of open; to guide to cultivate the spirit of innovation, opening consciousness, to improve the innovation ability, improve the level of opening as the key to improve the institutional mechanisms for the protection, fully stimulate the enthusiasm and innovation of the whole society open, strong vitality, the bigger the total stock, and increment, to promote economic development a more dynamic and more efficient and sustainable. Du cents pointed out that the implementation of innovation strategy, leading the rise of open, must highlight the "three focus", "four systems" and "five bases" the starting point. ")相关的主题文章: