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The overall image of Chinese steadily – Politics –   the group of twenty (G20) summit will be held in Hangzhou, China once again become the focus of the world. In addition to the level of government contacts, the general overseas Chinese and Chinese people on the impression? What are the expectations of the rising China? These issues in the Chinese foreign language Bureau of foreign communication research center recently released the fourth China national image of the global survey report (2015) to get a response. The survey found that China’s overall image steadily, and presents new features. The survey by the Bureau of foreign China communication research center and Millward Brown etc. two international research and consulting firm cooperation. The research center set up research topics, the co – operation of the company to provide a global sample library, the investigation of the use of online questionnaires to fill in the form and strict implementation of international standards for online surveys. The first survey covering 19 members of G20, Han, Europe and Africa, Gaia, North America, South America and Oceania, up to 9500 of respondents. Young people high praise in this report, China’s overall national impression score of 6.2 points (total score of 10 points), higher than in 2014 by 0.3 points. Communication strategy research department China waiwenju International Communication Research Center Deputy Director Sun Jingxin said in an interview: "the overall image of Chinese in continuous improvement, especially more and more elite recognition." This is the result of the 4 national survey of the image of the depth of observation, combined with the results of a number of research topics think tank concluded Sun Jingxin. Survey shows that overseas young people to China higher praise. Analysis by age, young group (18-35 years old), the impression of the highest scoring for 6.6 points. In the understanding of Chinese, Chinese on the future development of the situation, Chinese development path and model, "The Belt and Road" initiative to Chinese evaluation, brand trust and other issues, the young group showed more positive attitude. Overseas respondents will rise in China, Beijing, Shanghai, Hongkong become the first choice of the city, the next 3 years there are plans to study, work or travel in China accounted for the proportion of up to, higher than in 2014 of 26%. The 3 most popular cities in China are Beijing (48%), Shanghai (30%) and Hongkong (23%). Overseas image of Chinese products has improved, especially in terms of significant improvement in after-sales service. Quality is still an important factor hindering the development of Chinese brands overseas, accounting for 60% of the proportion. But compared to 2014, the overseas respondents in the food safety, service and price aspects of the satisfaction decreased by 6%, respectively, 13% and 9%, Chinese products in the field of after-sales service is particularly evident. The biggest achievement of China’s high-speed rail is becoming the focus of attention of overseas people, science and technology is one of the most wanted to understand the content of the Chinese media. 61% of overseas respondents on China’s scientific and technological innovation capacity, which is even more than the number of Chinese respondents (57%). In the field of science and technology, high-speed rail has become the highest recognition of China’s scientific and technological achievements, 21% of respondents said相关的主题文章: