The photography contest was a bit big! I heard the first million yuan, a good heart! – People’s

The photography contest was a bit big! I heard the first million yuan, a good heart! – People’s Health Channel – People’s original title: this photography contest to play a little big! I heard the first million yuan, a good heart! Good health, National Photography Contest for! Hosted by, health times "health Chinese" 2017 annual photography contest! A camera to capture the medical beauty! An angle to convey a picture of cutting-edge science and technology! Witness a patient involved in discovering the truth! Spread happiness! Authoritative evaluation — activities will be invited to China Photographers Association, people’s daily, Xinhua news agency,, health times etc level professionals selected works. Multi platform show — winners can not only have the opportunity to participate in the hosted by, health times "health Chinese Poyi", as with the draft standard manuscript works, published in at random,, people’s daily, health Times newspaper and client all media platform. The first prize awards — nouveau riche news and non news each 2, each 10000 yuan reward or equivalent goods; the two prize 3, each 8000 yuan reward or equivalent goods; the third-prize 5 awards, each 5000 yuan or equivalent goods. — is you! Submission requirements: picture exhibition to promote the healthy China national strategy, and hospitals, health and social fields, the news works will be randomly published in the people’s daily, client, health times of all media platforms; non news works such as the case of monthly show. The picture can be single or group. Text description of about 150 words can be clear, concise, simple. 1 "hospital" class photo requirements: most closely clinical news, scientific research, management innovation on hospital and patient relationship, reflecting the life and work of the medical staff, and medical practice benevolence and improve medical service efforts and initiatives. 2 "healthy" picture: news and picture a large field of health public health, chronic disease prevention and control, physical fitness, psychology, nutrition, public life, health China way of thinking and concern. The mail marked "health Chinese? Theme photography contest participants and contributors in the name, and email notes. Identity and contact; posting pictures and text description with attachments; please use 2M more than the original, not compressed. "Healthy China Annual Photo Contest" for the series of competitions, with immediate effect to accept the picture. ? submission email: jkzgsyds@163 (Juan Xu Xinyi, commissioning editor: right)相关的主题文章: