The police with the sanitation workers questioned people taking pictures on the rain – new network

The police questioned the sanitation workers with rain a few days ago someone named pictures show in Beijing – Zhuhai dump heavy rain, a sanitation worker without shelter. A car stopped, the owner said: "get on the bus, I’ll take you back." "No, I haven’t finished the road yet". Thus, the emergence of this scene: the owners of parking after opening the trunk lid, sitting in the car with the sanitation workers shelter together. This scene was recorded by passers-by, causing network heat transfer. The owner was quickly recognized, Zhuhai City Public Security Bureau exit Entry Administration Department of a police. This scene is warm, your heart must be touched. Look at the news feel warm, but the point of opening the following comments, you will feel very sad. Because there are a lot of comments in the comments, some people questioned, it is not illegal parking? Why did not stop after parking tripod warning? What if a car comes over? This question is polite, the other can not see, and some people say, why not sit in the car and the car back to the car, the car is not convenient to take pictures, right? Some people say, well, it’s not cheap. Some people say, who is taking pictures of the rain? The original good things have been recorded in the roadside, why so big rain sanitation workers are sweeping the road. Some people questioned the city not humanity: in this city, you couldn’t find a place to shelter, Zhuhai is really a magical city without eaves. Have to feel that people are questioning the express news of the brain hole, think of the rich, the critical angle tricky, harsh, really makes people as the acme of perfection. Sometimes you will feel cold all passers-by, the users are filled with righteous indignation, it is the biggest and most demanding malicious comments, most of the time on the good deeds of the discerning. The more critical of the good things, it seems that the more you can find a perverted sense of superiority: the kind of movement that you are so cheap, and how deep my criticism. See these voices of doubt, the parties to the police will feel wronged very depressed, did not think in this way with the sanitation workers shelter, will provoke such a difficult point question. I think that if the police are familiar with the network of ecological, will not be disturbed those questioned, and will keep to a fragrance heart and good sunshine. Cherish those voices from warm message, thanks to those who are willing to believe that only the heart, beauty and kindness — after all, everywhere filled with distrust in this era, when the ugly and dark continue to break people’s psychological bottom line, after being fooled simply trust again, people have lost the ability to trust be incredulous. Understand the look of suspicion, cherish those who maintain the trust and warmth of the message. I believe that those who did not know how dark, ain’t no sunshine and good will, they must have been fooled by the reversal of news experience, see the warmth behind deception, seen wrapped in bright ugly, so be incredulous, without the ability to trust, so accustomed to the view of social criticism and suspicion. — seeing those warm things, will not be easily moved, and more seriously, not afraid to use the largest malicious to surmise. Their.相关的主题文章: