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The "red flag manjuan" Brotherhood "westerly into Nirvana badmouth hands" – Sohu entertainment Xiwai three brothers Sohu entertainment news troubled brother is in the creation of film and television works creators often use the emotional theme is "audience" very good classic plot, a man’s blood hot feelings and life and death does not abandon the chivalrous the gas, sometimes even more than men and women love so deeply. For example, the "Three Kingdoms" in Liu Guanzhang Taoyuan three sworn brothers, "eight guardians" in Xiao Feng, Xu Zhu, Duan Yu II, "" the pretender "in Taiwan, Ming Cheng Ming House, beyond the family of brotherhood,. Recently, a department in the East TV prime time hit large revolutionary history teleplays in the "red flag" in the West have a sigh of the three brothers, is out of the ordinary, Li Zhiyuan (Zhang Sushi), Qin Huaiwen (Ji Ta), Qin Huaiwu (seal Bai decoration) three people belong to different camps, unable to fight brother, will be staged, even the sword opposite child heart scene, called the history of the brotherhood of entanglements and tear. The three brothers begin real mouth child heart is just the beginning of Li Zhiyuan and Qin Huaiwen and Qin Huaiwu are not brothers, because the ancestors yijiejinlan and was accompanied by growing up. Three brothers personalities, good sunshine, clever old Zhiyuan, Guizhu up; brother huaiwu nature pure and upright caring brother; introverted personality, perseverance, perseverance huaiwen. Three people grew up together, naughty Li Zhiyuan always bully two brothers to succeed, then let Wen Huaiwu have spoiled sell adorable, dumbfounding, prompting users for their dabaobuping: "distressed brother". However, this intimate brotherhood is short, the fate of the times of the flood, the face of the country fall apart, the three brothers chose a different path from getting closer, brother. Huaiwen dedicated to serving the Kuomintang, Zhiyuan seem to have a tendency to join the Communist, but huaiwu is more emphasis on family interests. In the broadcast two days before the assassination of President Cheng in action, three people first drew up positive conflict, the war in the fly to Li Zhiyuan: "you don’t forget, we are brothers!" Scene of abuse. The entanglement of the brotherhood in the special historical environment in the thrilling revolutionary struggle, it is particularly warm, tear and precious. But as the story progresses, according to the product side said, there will be more and more "battlefield" brother see brother "prison see", even "brother execution see" battle scenes. Child cardiac indicators straight up. "Three brothers" personal good casting director like Zhang Su, Ji Ta, right off screen, as well as the very personal letter of Bai three brothers, three people had worked many times respectively. Ji Ta and Zhang said millet was second cooperation in the shooting scene when no words don’t talk, play scenes from the comfortable understanding, even each other in a hard shot in a studio amused, "male tango"; Zhang Su and Bai letter is three degrees, two people mutual praise each other acting seriously anyway, character. Zhang Su also said with a smile, "play two brothers" is when his brother spoil: "they will bring some snacks, drink vitamin C to me, would like a family letter Bo told me,",.相关的主题文章: