The return of real madrid! Ronaldo scored a high-profile comeback taking PK Messi-wh60a

The return of real madrid! C Ronaldo scored a high-profile comeback with the empty PK Messi C Ronaldo scored sina sports news as the game before the game, as said, Real Madrid and the Olympic game, C Luo officially comeback. The last time C Ronaldo took part in the European Cup final 2 months ago, when he was just playing more than ten minutes because of injury was changed to leave. How about 2 months without playing a game? C Ronaldo scored 6 minutes to tell you: he’s back! Before the "Marca" who played the title, "the return of the king!" C is talking about me. "Marca" the title of the game for sixth minutes, Danilo sent a long pass over the top, offside after Baer broke into the restricted area, then select xiechuan, C Ronaldo close easily push scoring. The first game of the new season, C Ronaldo scored the first goal scored a goal. It was also the 365th goal of C’s Real Madrid win in the last 349th games. It is interesting that, in the 14 years before the C career, he never before the opening of the first 7 minutes of the harvest of the first ball. This is Baer’s first assists in the new season. Welsh has already sent 23 assists for C Ronaldo, only after the second and the 34 time of the game with Benzema, as well as for the first time in the case of the. C Ronaldo scored if from the 2009-10 season, C Ronaldo to Real Madrid this season, C Ronaldo has scored 261 goals in La Liga, this data than any player. At the same time, C Luo’s old rival Messi, has scored 260 goals in La liga. C Luo strong comeback, but also attracted the praise of the western media. "Marca" said that since the European Cup final, C Ronaldo did not participate in an official game, then the first game, just six minutes to score. After "Marca" said C, the new season opener often feel very general, Real Madrid in the last 7 seasons, C Ronaldo scored first and only 2, the other 5 is lost. But this time, C Ronaldo scored a goal. This season is C Ronaldo Real Madrid’s eighth season, prior to the 7 season, good scoring efficiency C Ronaldo: 2009-10 season: 33 goals; 2010-11 season: 54 goals; 2011-12 season: 60 goals; 2012-13 season: 55 goals; 2013-14 season: 51 goals; 2014-15 season: 61 goals; 2015-16 season: 51 ball. So, how many goals will be scored by C Ronaldo this season? C Luo was replaced by sixty-sixth minutes of the game, Zidane replaced with C Luo, as mentioned before the game, C game is expected to play for about 60 minutes, Robben. "Aspen" said that although the game looks like C Ronaldo has not affected by a knee injury, but after he left, C Ronaldo to a bag of ice, the ice pack to his knees. It looks like C is still worried about his injury. (flat)相关的主题文章: