The rise of artificial intelligence, watch pioneer in those intelligent robots-66814

The intelligent robot as the rise of "artificial intelligence and pioneer" in say, don’t miss the beautiful scenery along the way, the daily game player game, often in the game and the game playing games are rarely able to find some hidden eggs in the game designer design, such as "watch" pioneer of the robot, you know how many? Watch the pioneer is not a vacuum, all from onica group (Omnica Corporation). After onica group conducted a revolutionary improvement of robot production technology, the whole world seems to usher in the golden period of economic development. Known as the "center of the intellect", a large factory that can automatically produce machines and software algorithms that can be self – modified are granted patents and are installed on all continents. Then what happened: the Central Intelligence machinery began to collapse visible before the eyes; independent analysts say these factories can’t increase the rate of economic growth and productivity as claimed by the group. After a series of investigations, onica group confirmed due to fraud and forced to close, the wisdom of central (national service like mechanical translation as Zhituan) has also been halted. So, when the lost and dismantled intelligent machines wake up, the whole world is shocked. People never thought that these intelligent machines in the wake of the war, immediately launched a war for all mankind. Although many countries think they have enough strength to deal with these intelligent machines. No country, no matter how powerful military strength, can rely on their own power alone to close a central intelligence instrument. Once proud of the mechanical adaptability of mankind, has now become a real nightmare. Worst of all, these smart machines do not have any requirements, they do not have any logic attack. All they do is attack without reason. So in the end and pioneer in how many kinds of intelligent robot navigation? The Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. 2, the fortress robot source: CG "the last fortress" new map "the last bastion of AI Lin Wilde" came out, everyone again kneel in front of the blizzard dad. (ten years of playing games, doing CG for the last nine years), but Dad actually told you a little bit earlier. For example, the skin of the hero in the skin defense matrix 02 (see clearly to see the game… Never in the game) appeared in 02 eyes (type of defense matrix display?) is yellow, do not know what meaning. In fact, the new map and CG are talking about a lot of interesting things. For example, when the fort’s eyes are pale blue, it is the peaceful mode. Then the yellow eyes fortress is what model? B73 when visiting the mechanical crisis Zhi Ai Lin Wardle map, I found the type of one of the most interesting places that these robots are all B73. Liberal arts dog.相关的主题文章: