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Careers-Employment While the rigors, confidentiality, and hard work that are involved in the aerospace industry can wear down even the best professional, there are many rewards to this type of work. Perhaps the greatest reward for aerospace engineers, CAD designers, and others in the industry is contributing to the daily functioning of the British and world economy. For example, aeronautical engineers have a hand in the maintenance and redesign of airplanes that carry passengers from all over the world. However, there are more substantial financial and personal benefits that .e from the aerospace industry. Perhaps the greatest benefit of the aerospace industry for professionals is in terms of annual salary. Aerospace and aeronautical engineers, for example, make a lucrative 55,000 to 60,000 pounds annually on average. This salary is the base salary for engineers, with many .panies providing profit sharing and other plans that bring the annual salary up several thousand pounds. Another important benefit for aerospace professionals of all types is the basic health, dental, and vision benefits expected by young professionals and graduates. Most major aerospace .panies provide extensive health and medical benefits, which are investments on the .pany’s part toward a healthier and more productive workforce. Dental and vision benefits are nice perks for aerospace professionals and those with families can usually include children and spouses on their plans. While salary and basic benefits are great ways for aerospace professional to offset the stresses of their jobs, there are a number of other perks that keep talented workers in the industry. Many aerospace .panies provide consumer loans to their employees for the purchase of automobiles, condominiums, and other living necessities. As well, .panies will often invest in home office equipment and .puters for CAD designers and other professionals. Finally, .mercial and civilian aerospace .panies will often provide airline discounts for workers and immediate families. Finally, there are two mainstays of the aerospace industry which are crucial for professionals to stay in their jobs over a long period of time. Most aerospace .panies provide paid leave, typically four to six weeks annually, which is meant to give professionals time to unwind and leave their desks or work stations for a little while. As well, a long term human resources investment for these .panies .es with their pension program. Aerospace .panies will often match a certain level of employee contributions in order to keep skilled workers from leaving for jobs with rival .panies. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: