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The Shaoxing people are too big! With 102 pieces of "do" fake seal on September 28th at 9:30 in the morning, when the suspect daimou have been making false good, traded on the Shengzhou Sanjiang City, the north side of the city gate, was waiting at the side of the police captured on the spot. Recently, the Shengzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau received a report, the city of Sanjiang city with a posting of making false advertising, false advertising and dissemination for the small card, the police decided to launch an investigation, and surveillance of suspects were arrested on the spot, until the morning of September 28th. Upon review, Hunan, Lianyuan people wearing a 47 year old this year. Came to Shengzhou 3 years ago, has been rented in the streets of Sanjiang Wang Road, from the operation of false business. Police in daimou rental also found that including graduation certificate, identity card, driving license, divorce certificate number of false documents, check out "rain Town", "Chongren town", "civil administration" and other government departments, 102 false official seal. One insider said, "the bureau" if dozens of on-site office, is a government approval center. Police investigators at the scene, but also to find all kinds of certificate shell 266, blank graduation certificate of 92, business license and contact card business card, do not put up a batch of advertising paper on the 8. At present, the suspect on suspicion of forgery, the sale of state organs documents by the public security organs according to criminal detention, the case is still under investigation. According to the "People’s Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law" the sale or use of forged or altered state organs, people’s organizations, enterprises and institutions or other organizations documents, certificates, documents, more than 10 days to 15 days detention, may impose a fine of 1000 yuan; if the circumstances are relatively minor, at least 5 days less than 10 days detention, may impose a fine of 500 yuan. Police remind, false trading is illegal, the public can not be lucky.相关的主题文章: