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"The sky fire" Beijing premiere Zhang Ruoyun second Daniel Wu "fan brother" "fire" in special cupola Qi Daniel Wu Zhang Ruoyun Chang Hsiao Chuan three male god Tencent entertainment news (text and video Xiaotu Sui Qin Zhang Chao) in November 13th, is known as the "2", "the shivering Voyager" after the "2016 action crime films finale for the" fire "" cupola at the Beijing premiere conference, announced the upcoming national release in November 25th. With "metrosexual man director Ringo Lam goddess group" Daniel Wu, Zhang Ruoyun, Zhang Jingchu, Amber Kuo, Chang Hsiao Chuan full debut, "old" three generation male god scene staged a "love boat tracker", the more creative the embodiment of Jin Mu water fire and earth "call" towering fire ", so the atmosphere is very hot. I play really hit a damaged Martha Lahti premiere at the conference site exposed a "fire up" trailer, near collision really hit stimulus picture, speed and death really hit the presence of all instant adrenaline surge. "The creative destruction or have broke the news director Ringo Lam, said the" fire "the continuation of the cupola director has always been" really play really hit "style, shooting, melee, unarmed fight speed rush, as well as a variety of combustion to explosion action scenes, all the actors themselves, do not try to substitute. "God" is more of a collective condemnation of the director really crashed Martha Lahti’s approach is simply Bo Tim Tin Mat. The director has said that such a really hit really for the film effect. As he wished, "towering fire" held a media in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou three during the meeting, will gain a lot of praise, known as "burning hormone", "big bang in recent years called the largest Hong Kong Scene" and "story style delicate, inner character depicts the vivid, creative performance is the color". God Goddess avatar five whirlwind acting scene, the director praised you creative acting stick and dedication, their role is very tasty, the male god goddess with Biao play very enjoyable. He will be starring several "gold, wood, water, fire and earth" five elements to describe: when shooting in insurance was interrupted with nasal bone, the shooting of Daniel Wu is "Zhang Jingchu is just the opposite; True gold does not fear fire", a freely flowing style of writing the same feeling, unpredictable, and delicate heart. Zhang Ruoyun; in the film was to avenge his father’s grievances have been described as a guardian of the flame of passion; sister of Chang Hsiao Chuan was described as soil, soil and trees, focus on the family; Amber Kuo is the art performers, like trees generally strong heart, like two people played in the film and have with the same root of the heart. Zhang Ruoyun Daniel Wu becomes the second "fan Di" three God staged "love boat tracker" movie most striking is "three generations of men of God in the first. For the first time appeared in the big screen works of "little meat Zhang Ruoyun said he first saw the crew into the" big brother "Daniel Wu interrupted nasal scene, on the spot" second brother fan". Daniel Wu did not live up to the "big brother" of the title, the scene took two "brother" playing tug of war. Zhang Ruoyun mischievously legs hanging on the rope, Daniel Wu made the shoulder rope posture at the other end, Chang Hsiao Chuan in the last line, three people staged a "love boat tracker",.相关的主题文章: