The so-called genius disease of Marfan syndrome, what is it

The so-called "genius" disease of Marfan syndrome, what is it? Source: Science Chinese before October 31st, Henan women’s volleyball team captain, Zhu Ting, the Henan team had been selected Chinese women’s Volleyball Hall Xuan, MI died due to sudden death in Zhengzhou, only 28 years old. Huo Xuan had joined the Beijing women’s volleyball team in the 2008 to 2009 season, with the Beijing women’s Volleyball League Volleyball tournament. She was born in 1988, height 1.90 meters, was the Henan women’s volleyball team is the main force and captain of the team, the main, font, collusion can play multiple positions, very comprehensive. In 2009 Huo Xuan was first elected to the national team, but not out of action. Because the body has been bad, not to retire 25 Xuan Huo old. However, she was not able to fight the disease, died due to myocardial infarction. It is reported that Huo Xuan disease and died before the Sichuan men’s Volleyball National Champion Zhu Gang, is known as the "genius" disease of Marfan syndrome. Pictures from the network what is Marfan syndrome? Why is it called "genius"? Also known as Marfan Marfan syndrome (toe) syndrome, commonly known as spider disease, belongs to a kind of hereditary connective tissue disease, autosomal dominant inheritance, family history. Marfan syndrome is an autosomal dominant genetic disease (genetic disease caused by autosomal dominant gene, the genetic characteristics of a family), and the incidence of equal vertical transmission from generation to generation, incidence. If the patient is married to a normal person, half of the children born to normal, half of patients. It is a disease with low morbidity and high mortality, with an incidence of 4~12.7 100 thousand. 85% of the patients were hereditary, and the average life expectancy of the patients who suffered from the disease was only about 32 years, and the mortality rate was more than 3 within the first 70% months after the onset of the disease. The disease was first reported by the French pediatrician Antoine Marfan in 1896, is named after him. Pictures from the network in patients with the Marfan syndrome tend to be different from ordinary people, the height of over 1.8 meters to 2.1 meters between the fingers and toes are slender feet like this is like a spider, God gave them gifts, make them in many areas are "genius" in general, but it seems to them a a joke, so that this "gift" is always early to recover genius fall, it is infinite regret! What are the manifestations of Marfan syndrome? The musculoskeletal system are tall and thin, slender limbs, spider finger (toe), arms horizontally span greater than height, hands over the knee, lower than the upper body length. The skull is long and narrow, the head is long and the deformity, the surface is narrow, the high palatal arch, the ear is big and the position is low. Less subcutaneous fat, muscle is not developed, chest, abdomen, arm skin wrinkles. The foot was valgus, individual patients have acropachy deformity. The ligaments and joints were relaxed, the muscle tension was decreased, and the joints were stretched. The chest is often a funnel chest with a winged scapula, sometimes a flat chest. Posterior and lateral curvature of the spine. Patellar dislocation and dislocation of hip joint are not uncommon. From a large number of these words can be summed up in the body of the thin long fingers, the bones singular. .相关的主题文章: