The soul of the town wall street boot Jiro Wang male god to dominate the street (video)-stellarium

"The soul of the town wall street" boot Jiro Wang male god to dominate the street [] is the soul of the town street time best growth Tencent entertainment news on September 24th, by the Austrian flying drama industry, male children, super media network drama "the soul of the town street" Yaoqi jointly produced in Hengdian starting. The starting ceremony, the new director with Jiro Wang in November, Yue Xi, Tang Guozhong, Fang Chutong starred in full debut, Yan burst table values. "The soul of the town street" is now the top country man IP, the original Xu Chen cartoon has a total of more than 2 billion 200 million hits, the same animation broadcast in the summer, but caused great concern in the country manmi. The super network drama, the town of the soul street is a continuation of the heat of this IP, once again after the deduction of the Wei Wei Cao Cao guardian of justice, the coronation of the king. The last fantasy blood, detonated fans look forward to! Jiro Wang offered by fans appreciated the hand-painted Street domineering exposed to dominate the starting ceremony, Jiro Wang dressed in a red, fire radiance. Put more Pose Cao Yanbing reproduce the domineering exposed image, say "the classic lines of Russian street for me to say"! On the same day, Jiro Wang micro-blog also released a hand drawn illustration of Cao Yan Yan Luo Temple "ten military weapons". Painters get attracted fans praise! Fans have said Jiro Wang starred in Cao Yanbing is very suitable, get a lot of support of the original powder. The original author Xu Chen also said: if micro-blog forward to play Cao Yanbing and he was very satisfied! In recent years, not only in the East film songs and more habitat has a good performance, more by the God level Cosplay break the dimensional wall, successfully captured many two dimensional many many brother sister. As the two dimension of the most representative men of God, how the East will once again break the dimension barriers, after deduction of Wei Wu, worth fans wait and see. In the "flower and bone as" sugar treasure and popular Yue Xi a pure and lovely image, will be in the "street" in the soul of the town as a strong and outspoken naive man anthomaniac female summer bell. As early as a month ago, Yue Xi in micro-blog on the expression of many "street" comic on the soul of the town can not extricate themselves, communication and discussion, Manmi fans. Boot site, an Xi Xi also said he was very fond of summer bell strong independent character, seemingly small summer bell, but contains a huge force, she will use their efforts to explain the role. The strongest in the diffuse IP break through the wall of the town soul dimension fantasy tour opened "the soul of the town street" tells the story of Cao Wei Wu after Yanbing as Russian street town soul will wake a stable domain, oath. The summer send spirit bell accident into chaos, when Ling domain crisis situation. Has been secretly coveted mysterious evil raid, led world and spirit domain ward were destroyed. In order to guard their homes, partners and the hearts of the moral, Cao Yanbing and bell on the town of quarrelsome lovers summer soul journey. In 2010, "the soul of the town street" comics in the country diffuse first platform Yaoqi starting date hits over 2 billion 200 million, perennial occupy the top, as most users willing to pay for the country’s animation works. In April this year, animation adaptation of the same name in Youku and Bilibili barrage network once the line has received rave reviews, the soul of the town "street" IP gained high attention. "Town soul Street" is not only the top of the country diffuse IP, but also the first by the state adaptation of the film!相关的主题文章: