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The sperm quality, determine the baby’s appearance and health?! – the mother and child of Sohu will get sick and the sperm will. As an important part of the birth of a new life, the sperm of the body directly determines whether he can successfully swim to miss egg side. Quantity, but also quality; to speed, but also to have passion. So, prepare pregnant before MR pulse is necessary to sperm. A routine semen analysis report can tell everything! Semen analysis focuses on three aspects: the number of sperm, morphology and activity; one of the most important is reflected in the number of sperm, semen volume and sperm concentration; the second is the ability of sperm, the main concern of forward movement of sperm percentage finally is the sperm morphology. Weak: oligospermatism according to statistics, the average male produces two hundred million sperm per ejaculate. Sperm moving eggs rely mainly on teamwork. But if there are too few sperm forces, the egg will not only feel insincere, it is difficult to find their favorite sperm mr.. According to the WHO standard, the sperm concentration of ML in male compatriots semen is > 15×106 is normal, that is, there are more than 15 million sperm per milliliter semen. In clinical work, it is often found that low sperm concentration indicates that the patient’s fertility is low. There are many reasons for the low concentration of sperm in semen, and the common physiological reasons include short abstinence time, short rest and so on. Suggested that the male compatriots in semen before the detection of adequate sleep, abstinence 2 to 7 days, if necessary, a week or so abstinence. If the sperm concentration is still insufficient, need further testing, to find the cause, including blood tests, reproductive hormones and Y chromosome microdeletion; scrotal testis and spermatic vein ultrasound detection, according to the detection of treatment decisions. Physical weakness: weak sperm weakness of the majority of physical weakness from the master. There is a great deal of reason for the lack of sperm motility in most men and the body condition of sperm owners. If itself is cold and fever and other diseases, or excessive fatigue and lack of rest, abstinence over waiting, can lead to asthenospermia. Some experts suggest that patients and patients with abstinence, her only in the woman’s ovulation only. But studies have shown that prolonged abstinence can lead to poor sperm quality, especially sperm motility. Therefore, semen examination also requires only 2 ~ 7 days of abstinence; at the same time, it is suggested that efforts are made to pregnant women who usually have regular sexual life and pai. As the result shows sperm motility is still poor, need further testing, to find the cause, including reproductive hormones, blood tests, ultrasound detection of scrotal testis and spermatic vein, finally according to the test results to decide the next step therapy. Crooked melon split date: teratozoospermmia healthy sperm shapely, shaped like a tadpole, the first big and round, followed by a long tail, about 60 microns in length, swing, let oneself to the egg into the. But not all sperm can have such a standard body, some will be deformed. According to the WHO standard, sperm detection, as long as the normal shape of the sperm ratio is greater than or equal to 4%, even if normal; detection process will be a random sample of 200 sperm, as long as there are more than 8 normal forms of sperm.相关的主题文章: