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The State Bureau for letters: around to resolve the backlog petition rate exceeded 90% – Politics – original title: National petition Bureau: World resolve pending petition rate exceeded 90% in October 13, the Xinhua News Agency Beijing 13 reporter learned from the State Bureau for letters, all localities and departments to carry out this year to resolve the backlog of concentrated poverty, as of September 30th, around the the investigation report the petition backlog of more than 7.4 pieces, to resolve the closing rate of 92.3%. It is understood that this year, the State Bureau for letters will resolve the backlog as a key work of careful planning, step by step, to resolve the pending petition in real time on the local situation of online monitoring, monthly on the petition to resolve the backlog of cases progress reports, timely guidance related to correct and solve problems. Local Party committee and government attach great importance to resolve pending petition, work has obviously increased. As of September 30th, the State Bureau for letters to all assigned by the pending petition 876, closed to resolve the rate reached 96.2%; the investigation "three cross three separation" to resolve the backlog 654, closing rate reached 86.4%. National petition Bureau said that currently resolve pending petition standardization level significantly improved, relying on the information system of national petition bureau established a special petition backlog case base, the backlog of online, online tracking, assigned by the State Examination cases online "; the country actively to strengthen the development and application of the system, ensure that every piece of the backlog, each link there are traceable, well documented. In addition, the various means to resolve the problem is rich and varied, the introduction of multiple forces to participate in the organization of public hearings review, the initiative to coordinate docking and carry out special inspections. Beijing, Liaoning, Jilin, Jiangsu, Shandong, Chongqing, Tibet and other places generally organized for resolving pending petition of the special inspection, the compaction or the right to handle the responsibility departments to solve the problems at the grassroots level. National petition bureau also said that the work to resolve pending petition still exist some problems that need to be addressed seriously. A special meeting was held in Jiangxi Nanchang national petition work recently, meeting the requirements of further strengthen resolve the pending petition of sense of responsibility and mission, under the air force to resolve the petition backlog. To adhere to the law in accordance with regulations, pay attention to classification measures, improve the multi resolving mechanism, enhance the ability to resolve the pending petition. To strengthen the source of prevention, grasp the initial letter to the early management and basic work, promote policy innovation, solve the problem in a timely manner. To strengthen leadership, clear job responsibilities, strengthen coordination and cooperation, implement supervision and supervision and performance accountability, to resolve the pending real success. (reporter Luo Sha) (commissioning editor: Gong (Intern), Shen Yaxin tester)相关的主题文章: