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The State Forestry Administration, "10000 meters sea bird" rush steering group public channel Tianjin, Tangshan – are now "Hainan meters", said that volunteers hanging dead birds only 5000 the evening of October 8th, the reporter learned from the State Forestry Bureau in Tianjin, Hebei exclusively learned that the two luanbulanlie birds rampant, national forestry Bureau of wildlife protection and nature reserve management department to the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of forestry, the Forestry Department of Hebei Province issued an emergency steering function. The State Forestry Bureau said in a letter, in order to strengthen the two wild animal protection work guidance, the State Forestry Bureau immediately sent the steering group to these areas to combat poaching and illegal business activities such as birds of wild animal protection work on-site supervision, and resolutely curb illegal and criminal acts of destruction of bird resources. "Everywhere is a dead bird" pictured volunteers to the scene to save the bird, remove bird. On the morning of 8 reports, during the national day, the protection of birds in Tianjin, Tangshan two volunteers said the inspection found a total of two large bird illegal area, the total removal of net 20000 meters, save the live bird near 3000, more than 5000 dead birds hanging net. "All over the ground are dead birds, some rotten too much, no way to statistics." A volunteer told surging news. The death of wild birds in many national key protected wild animal. Among them, since September 29th, the volunteers found a total of 9 national key protected wildlife in the east corner of the 4, living in the body (only 3 flying, sent to the rescue station only 1), the death of 5. The police have arrested a suspect in October 4th: 8 pm, Tianjin City Public Security Bureau Binhai Eco City Bureau told reporters that in October 4th, the Bureau arrested a suspected of killing wild endangered birds suspects, and shall be detained. The Public Security Bureau of Binhai Eco City Bureau bulletin, October 1st, the Eco City Bureau received a wild animal protection volunteer police said, in the construction of eco city apartment on the south side some people in the network to capture the wild wetland birds. After receiving the report, the Eco City Bureau immediately instructed the weft nine road police station rushed to the scene to. The police found clapnet, luring birds and other tools in the field, but did not find poaching suspects. In order to combat illegal bird hunting behavior, weft nine road police station arrangements for police to carry out squatting blocking waiting, and finally in October 4th 8 in the morning when the suspect Zhang Xu will again hunt wild birds were arrested, and seized imitation bird trap net, muffler, battery, cage and other tools of crime, and the acquisition of rare and endangered birds yellow chest? Bird and other wild birds 119, to protect wild birds volunteers. Upon review, the suspect Zhang explained, the chance to know bird merchants instigation, buy clapnet and other tools of crime, sneaked into the eco city construction of new apartment near the installation after waiting for the wild bird hunting field network, total 4 times, will be captured by the birds after selling profit more than 200 yuan. At present, only 120 wild birds have been released. Zhang suspects have been detention law, the case is still under further investigation. Source: surging news相关的主题文章: