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The exchange of teachers with the loss of 80 thousand single fried stamps agency denied false guidance letter news network November 13th "let me not to sell, the successive limit, directly from 418.2 yuan dropped to 70 yuan." Recently, Ms. Li of Sichuan in the name of stocks was brought into a webcast, and later was a "bad stock market" on the grounds, introduced by the clerk, the Shanghai cultural property exchange Shenjiang cultural commodity operation service platform (hereinafter referred to as Shenjiang YouBiKa investment), the new play is not successful after the purchase. In the teacher’s guidance, at the price of 405 yuan to buy 196 hand numbered 200009 Dongpo lyrics stamps, the results of a road limit, a loss of 80 thousand yuan. Bank transaction details stocks do not do? The teacher recommended the customer investment YouBiKa in August 2016, after a man named "broken wind" friends contacted Ms. Lee, familiar, from time to time send a message to her being, in order to obtain the trust. "It should be a good friend of the stock group, he is concerned about the stock from time to time how to do, when the loss of comfort me, let me very touched, I slowly believe him." At the beginning of August, this netizen recommended Ms. Lee in a webcast, "they claim to be the most professional financial studio, free lectures." Ms. Lee said that after entering the living room, breaking the wind let her talk in the live broadcast, in order to increase the trust. Later, the broken wind and Lee introduced the stock master sunshine, extraordinary, refers to the light, etc.. In August 8th, the "broken wind" and let Lee form to join investment exchange circle, "I do not operate the computer skilled, are from" breaking wind generation "I fill in the information." The studio, "beacon" in speaking a few stocks, shouldering the sudden turn, began to recommend YouBiKa investment market, "he said the stock market is not good now, wait until the market rose to 3200 points and then guide stocks, let us invest YouBiKa now Bika market. Ms. Lee said that the beacon "introduced above Shenjiang investment adviser to her. Ms. Lee in accordance with the requirements of investment advisers to provide identity cards and bank card photos, as well as her contact information, opened the door. Then, the investment adviser and the remote bound to my bank card, I installed a trading software. Part of the funds suffered a record ten limit customer loss of more than 80 thousand in September 2nd, Ms. Lee spent 4000 yuan, in September 6th to persuade the investment adviser, and she has invested 50000 yuan. "In September 7th, investment advisers told me that the new announcement has come out, the second day early in the morning can grab votes, let me get ready funds. So, in September 8th, Lee invested 26000 yuan. At this point, Ms. Lee’s account of a total of one hundred thousand yuan. In September 8th, Lee a new number 640015 and 200098 of the vote, but not in the ballot. Investment advisor with the "new sign is not never mind, the real money or buy a ticket, there is a large market" as an excuse to let Lee buy a segment number 2179, number 200009 of the lyrics of Dongpo stamps. Under high income publicity, Ms. Lee two times to buy a 196 hand burn相关的主题文章: