The United States CEO Wang Xing group comments on how to win the second half Internet plus, high-tec-magicq

The United States CEO Wang Xing group comments on how to win the second half: Internet plus, high-tech and internationalization of Beijing, Beijing, August 26, August 24-26, "China thirteenth summer Yabuli entrepreneurs forum summit" held in Xi’an. This morning, in the theme of "closing speech poetry and distance", beauty group comments CEO Wang Xing share how to win the "three path: the second half of the high-tech," Internet plus "and internationalization. Wang Xing said that the United States mission after three quarters of integration, has ushered in the second half, which is the second half of China’s O2O, but also the Chinese Internet and even the entire Chinese economy in the second half. Wang Xing admitted that the beauty group comments now in the second half of the game, at present, in addition to the strong investment takeout business, other business has achieved overall profitability, and this is the beauty of group comments, Wang Xing first disclosed to the outside world company profits. Talking about how to play well in the second half, Wang Xing said that this is not easy, because the second half did not break, to win the second half there are three paths. The first angle is continuous R & D investment, to do high-tech, including artificial intelligence, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), including the "2025 Chinese manufacturing", which need to do a lot of hard work, finally to be able to solve the problem of high-tech. Wang Xing believes that he is not simply look at the high-tech Chinese can completely dominate the world, in the process of competition and cooperation will be an important way to Chinese should, as part of the world, and jointly promote the development of high-tech. The second point is to vigorously promote the "Internet plus", which is the United States delegation comment on the next thing to do. Over the past 20 years, the development of China’s Internet has brought us a lot of changes, but these changes to a large extent remain on the surface, the next need to consider how to help traditional industries to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Wang Xing suggested that the beauty group comment as the largest platform for Internet catering, over the past few years to do is very thin in the Internet, which helps enterprises to realize the integration of drainage, the next and the depth of the industry to help them fully improve the efficiency, reduce the cost. "We have a lot of data, can help businesses make decisions, but this thing is needed to play the role of the depth of integration to the overall transformation of it, rather than stay in a simple diversion through the internet." Wang Xing said. The third point is to move towards globalization and internationalization. Wang Xing said, "Internet plus" is China Internet enterprises and the globalization the best opportunity, compared with Google, Facebook, Amazon, the world "BAT" Chinese enterprise strategy to achieve high-tech, hand down to earth, and American Internet companies to form the difference, have the opportunity to expand the global market by China advantage, get away from the market.相关的主题文章: