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The University family car more and more teachers and parents to remind: walking Mo Beijing – based competition before the Beijing morning news reporter visited found in many universities, students drive to school has become a commonplace car, parents for their children to go to college or adult ceremony gift is a car. This was riding a bike to school after the 70 permanent seems unbelievable, but now 90 for students "self driving hot" accept "since students are eligible to test a driver’s license, who can not drive to school?" But the school and parents think also, if the economy allows, you really need to Car Buying is normal, Car Buying suggestions for transport, not ostentatious comparisons. On the university to send a car to the rise of the family car recently, Mizuki Kiyoka forum automotive plate a title for the child admitted to the University, to send a car suitable for a lot of attention. That said, "she admitted to the University, I want to buy a baby Wrangler or FJ cruiser, parents want to buy (Audi) Q5, freshman, what car?" Some users have remembrance of his university can buy a new bicycle is a luxury, it was also recommended for children to buy ", Giant, Merida, permanent Flying Pigeon" is the normal configuration of the enrollment of College students. However, the Beijing morning news reporter learned that the college students go to school by car, is not what rare thing, the "car upstart, the students also accepted. "The family has this condition, oneself drive to attend class is understandable. Since the students are eligible for a driver’s license, who can not drive to school?" Just graduated from Beijing Normal University, master of JXC said, their class 5 is "car", accounting for 14 of the class. In an interview with many college students just to obtain a driver’s license, also said he was "yaohao". "The car is the modern people travel essential goods, if the success I would definitely buy myself, no economic ability to turn to the home, it will be used after work." This year’s senior Zhou Jian said. Aman Chang is a bachelor’s degree in Minzu University of China to buy a car when I was three, I shook the number, the home to buy a car about $100 thousand." The teacher reminded parents walking for more and more students don’t compare self driving school phenomenon, the Beijing Morning Post reporter learned that teachers and parents are not opposed, the attitude is not advocated nor prohibited. Aman Chang’s mother said, now students to buy a car, and we went to the university to buy a bike, in fact, nothing different, indicating that social progress, economic conditions are good." She said, in Car Buying also carefully, "we chose the simple compact car, after all, just a means of transport, and she is still a student. Of course, when she first started on the road, I was a little worried, once the danger, there is no ability to deal with, and now it seems that the child is really big, should believe their ability." A college counselor Wu also believes that now a lot of students are part-time or in business, does have the economic strength Car Buying, but do not recommend students to buy luxury cars, although the school ban on these unwritten rules or, but easy to cause students to compete with each other." There is no car to drive the car to stop embarrassing相关的主题文章: