The wage earners have to know the real rent not flat-share

The wage earners have to know these flat-share housing "rent not" [Chu introduction] Home Furnishing as wage earners, in the house when you consider the rent problem, in terms of price choice in comfort is cheap, most probably it did not actually happen to discount, but the house will be in our body adversely, see together with the small series! 1, do not rent the old house as the saying goes, the wine is Chen Xiang, can not apply to rent the house. The more people who live in the house, the more complex the magnetic field, the more the threat of material in the air. Therefore, the new rental housing is better. But if you rent a house, all the conditions are good, the only drawback is too old, so, in the formal admission before, do a cleaning the whole house, put the old things cleaned up and renovated, in Feng Shui is a law to resolve. 2, not to rent the dim light of a dark house house called "darkroom in Feng shui". Because of the lack of adequate illumination, "darkroom" in the air with long-term moisture, bacteria grow crazy, this environment will make people easy to get sick. The body is the capital of revolution, to maintain a healthy ability to fight hard, for their own good future. Therefore, the wage earners in the search for the room, you can not covet cheap and choose bad light, dark moist house. The best choice of light transparent, smooth air house. 3, do not rent close to the hospital, the temple house do not choose some close to the hospital, the Temple House rental. Because these places will bring some unfavorable living atmosphere. For example, near the hospital often heard some ambulance sirens, easily makes people uneasy, also is a yin and bacteria aura. Close to the temple is also not good, because the temple is the five line of fire, not everyone needs the fire of the five lines. 4, do not rent the house of Feng Shui in the lack of popularity of the "gas", and three "gas", is a "weather", two is "gas", three is "popularity". As people’s residence, popularity indispensable. If the residence popularity is too small, often need to make up for the capture habitant body energy, so the lack of "living in popularity" house, often have a cold feeling. Therefore flat-share house preferably in densely populated areas, around the desolate, less populated house is not rented. 5, do not rent the house for the range of adverse flat-share family is concerned, sometimes because of economic reasons to choose relatively far from the city center where rental. Recommended to choose the most suitable for their own life range of house. Because in favor of their own position is the most conducive to their own development, for wage earners, sometimes more important than the opportunity is also important. Two, flat-share house flat-share real crack method is usually has good decoration, decoration design, often overlook some details caused by Feng Shui taboo. The house was originally due to bad feng shui layout decoration design considerations due to shortage, we often can not completely change, but the room layout to resolve through some bad feng shui feng shui coup. See below, Feng Shui layout problem common flat-share room and to break the law. Method 1, cracked toilet doors bedroom door to rent the room!相关的主题文章: