The way of making Xiaoqing Pu’er Tea – Sohu and orange mmhouse

Brewing method – Orange Pu’er Tea Sohu and Xiaoqing small a hesperidium, abdominal palace containing ripe Pu; rolling a pot of water, soup and a sweet Hin Chun; refreshing throat, a fruit of a world. A little green orange is to the whole Pearl brewing or force change way tastes better? Don’t worry, this period will be South Ming (2016) with "orange" Xiaoqing brewing for example, share the simple bubble method: product information: Name: Brand: South Ming Gan Xiaoqing beauty specification: 200 grams / tank production date: 2016 purchase consulting micro number: 6480348 material: 2009 / 2016 – ripe Pu Palace Xinhui Citrus origin: Yunnan Xishuangbanna Xiaoqing Menghai county / Guangdong Xinhui storage conditions: clean, ventilation, light, dry, no odor tureen brewing: 1, preparation: a 150 ml orange, green tea cup, cup, bowl fair, kettles. 2, take the tea: take a little orange, wash hands, wrapped in tissue paper will be opened, hesperidium rounded delicate, skin sallow, clear dense oil. 3, tea: the lid Xiaoqing orange opened, put in the bowl. 4, wash tea: in boiling water, that is, once in a tea wash. 5, South beauty tea brewing temperature: (2016) "orange" by 2009 Menghai Xiaoqing palace grade ripe Pu and 2016 Xiaoqing Xinhui orange as raw material, brew with boiling water better. 1 – 4: global water, peripheral water injection hesperidium. The taste of light, each bubble can be appropriate to soak for 10 seconds; taste thick, each bubble can be properly soaked for 20 seconds, after the soup. 5 – 8 global, boiling water, water rushed to the junction of the high point hesperidium and ripe tea. At this time the tea flavor has been able to very good overflow, so no need to bubble, out of the soup that is out. 9 – 12 global, boiling water, low water flooding point on citrus heart. The fully ripe Pu by boiling water infiltration, blending and citrus extracts. This stage can be properly stuffy bubble, bubble can be 30 seconds after the bubble soup. 12 bubble after boiling water, low point in orange heart injection. At the same time available covered lid will make it orange Xiaoqing gently touch, turn a body, to fully soak hesperidium. Each bubble in the previous bubble on the basis of 15 – plus stuffy after the soup for 20 seconds. Such as: 12 bubble bubble bubble for 30 seconds, then the bubble for 45 seconds or 50 seconds after the soup. 6: the tea cup, pour tea cup, you can drink. This green orange silky, with citrus fragrance and Chen 7 years period of tea fragrance perfect, fresh with Chen Yun, it is immature and mature, right. About to buy orange and Pu’er Tea Xiaoqing, preservation, brew drinking, add tea tea, South Beauty micro: (long press copy) consulting. The mountain is most close to the old class, in fact, called the new man? The famous Pu’er tea secret – Iceland tea forgery what Pu’er Tea for deposit? (with no Feng as an example) spent ten thousand dollars to buy the old class chapter fake tea, actually also believe that is really concerned about Dong Gong said: No. dyshuocha read. This tea相关的主题文章: