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The woman accused of fraud after King meal to eat 14 times did not reach the deadbeat punishment original title: retired woman to eat meals overlord charged with fraud Zhang later retired to Beijing, although not off hand, but still covet enjoyment, two years in many hotels and clubs and other places to eat overlord meal". Since the amount has not reached 5000 yuan penalty points, she was only administrative detention punishment, the number of up to 14 times. In April this year, Zhang in a hotel consumption of more than 8000 yuan after the mortgage, the hotel is the alarm, just the day is her birthday. Yesterday, Zhang was charged with fraud in Chaoyang Court Trial (pictured). Zhang junior high school education repeatedly eat meals overlord detained at the age of 53, working in Henan a winery before retiring in 2013 after retirement in beijing. Zhang divorced a few years ago, although there are two sons, but has no contact for many years. The indictment shows that Zhang Beijing after the 14 administrative detention, 13 of which is because eat King meal, place in Chaoyang District, Dongcheng District, Haidian District and Shijingshan District and other places of the bath center, spa, Executive Hotel, another is to take a taxi. Since before the amount of consumption of more than two thousand or three thousand yuan, did not reach the starting point of the crime of fraud of $5000, Zhang just stay in detention for ten days out. This time, because she "won" himself in court. The consumption of more than 8000 yuan bill according to the charges, in April 6th this year to 7, Zhang in Chaoyang District Shifoying Donglimou International Hotel, knowing that he has no ability to pay under the conditions of consumption of 8107.6 yuan, and refused to pay. It is reported that Zhang in April 6th 4 pm to the hotel bath of consumption, the night she opened a room and called Cuozao, Pedicure milk, SPA and other services, is still in the hotel dining, which also points the list in a special collection of the most expensive wine, the price is 3152 yuan. Zhang said at the time, check out together. The next day at 8 she spent more than $8000, the hotel staff asked her to settle accounts, but Zhang has repeatedly said one day. See staff resolute attitude, Zhang and put on a rogue expression, said he had no money. Hotel alarm. Was arrested the same day, Zhang is just 53 years old birthday. Yesterday’s trial, Zhang completely denied the allegations, and repeatedly claimed that she was a normal consumer, and accused the prosecutor distorted facts. She said she didn’t want to repay, but later found the wallet and mobile phone is lost, can not contact his family, there is no way to make their money. For the past few glorious history, Zhang said, the reason is complex, has become history, she did not want to mention. Although Zhang refused to refund the amount of fraud to deny flatly eat King meal, but was arrested when she was admitted to the police that she had been to Beijing after temporary workers around the rental housing, pension of 1000 yuan is not enough to spend, "I have not been to the place to go, I have no money to take money from the rich." For their actions, Zhang no feelings of guilt, that there is nothing wrong with a freeloader. The judge asked whether Zhang can refund the amount of fraud, Zhang actually shouted, do not give money, I was shut for so long, who will be responsible for the loss?" It is reported that the judge had tried 7相关的主题文章: