The world’s first successful development of VR glasses morphology –it– people’s network restorator

The world’s first VR device successfully developed –IT– glasses form original title: "the light of the VR, change the world’s eyes the scene in New York conference, the local audience in the experience of virtual reality glasses perlolyrine. Picture weighs 88 grams, 1.6 cm thick, in the hand is pair of ordinary sunglasses, can fold into his pockets. But as soon as you wear it, you can see the new world". In fact, this pair of glasses is a VR (virtual reality) wearing a display device, and cartridge frequently one or two kg VR devices currently seen in stark contrast. The day before, Chinese high-tech firm Technology Co. Ltd. perindopril officially released its self-developed VR glasses in the United States of New York. The VR glasses called V1 appeared, it was international media evaluation as the world’s first true sense of the consumer VR glasses, even as it "the thinnest and lightest", "Time" is described as a "Holy Grail in the history of the development of VR technology". The day of the conference, many U.S. technology media and consumers experience the stage in a queue. Mature conditions: the real change in the public life of the product, must be concise and easy to use VR is currently one of the most popular areas of science and technology, is considered to be the next generation of Internet portal. It generally refers to the virtual world to generate a simulation by computer system, and then through the access device allows users to experience virtual environment, the ideal state is that people can have visual auditory tactile perception and motion function of real "in the virtual world. In recent years, the global Internet giants have begun to layout VR industry, such as foreign Facebook (Facebook), Google, apple, SONY, Samsung, Intel, Disney, Microsoft and other companies, and Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu and other domestic companies have increase investment in VR technology. April 2012, Google launched the expansion of reality, Google glasses, although with the general sense of the VR device is different, but still lead a boom. 2014, virtual display equipment company Oculus (Ake Lars) to $2 billion price was acquired by Facebook, VR into a new era of landmark events. With the development of the Internet and IT technology, VR, hardware and software and bandwidth levels have matured. VR technology has begun to enter the field of online shopping, games, movies and other fields, the future will have a wider application in the field of education." Many perlolyrine founder and CEO Li Gang said, more than a few years ahead of progress into the VR industry, because it is optimistic about its future prospects. However, the market price of VR head wearing display devices are generally relatively high, too heavy, can not wear for a long time, often not more than 10 minutes, the volume is too large and inconvenient to carry. Li Gang and entrepreneurial team has ambition: to make the world’s most cattle VR products. The real change in the public life of the product, must be concise and easy to use. VR head can choose to make any shape, but choose to make glasses, is to make the public easy to accept." Li Gang think, why Apple phone sell well? Because it gets a high score on the user experience. )相关的主题文章: