Then get a huge amount of melon seeds used car to find new force

Then get a huge amount of money to use the seeds of the new car to find a new point of force Wang Wenxi to increase marketing investment, accelerate staking, expanding operations team, the force of automotive finance…… With the A round of financing in place, melon seeds used car has become a veritable gold hole". In September 13th, the second-hand car business platform to sell second-hand car straight seeds on the first anniversary of the line network news conference in the new brand, announced that its A round of financing amounted to over $250 million, a second-hand car electricity supplier in the field of single financing amount is the highest. Its CEO Yang Haoyong said it will invest 1 billion yuan to build a brand image, which is used as advertising expenses. Any one trillion market areas need to continue for many years of investment in order to do this market." Yang Haoyong said more than burn, will continue in the next year in the brand level, invest 1 billion yuan to build a second-hand car brand melon seeds. For consumers, especially in the field of rapid growth, increase advertising investment is imperative. After all, this (second-hand car electricity supplier) industry has just arisen, the user still has a lot of problems, there are a lot of people are waiting." Yang Haoyong told reporters. "Most of the used car business platform is such a strategy to burn for market. Huge advertising intensive launch, to enhance brand influence, for consumers." An analyst who declined to be named said. In the old customer complaints, new users for the car accident, had sold the car situation of brood on table, seeds did not choose to second-hand car sale heavily improve its flow and enhance the professional level of the staff, but will focus on "brand marketing", is suspected of castles in the air. Although the outside voices can be heard without end, but the seeds of second-hand car are selected in the "burning" on the Long March, continue to increase advertising, and staking a nationwide "". Yang Haoyong has said publicly: seeds of second-hand car to learn lessons from the beginning to distance with competitors. At present, the seeds of second-hand car coverage of the city, the amount of advertising and user size is not enough (large). We feel (growth) 2 times is not enough, hope (growth) 3~4 times." Yang Hao to "Chinese business newspaper" reporter said, "the current market is decades before may encounter opportunities, is a very important thing, (1 billion yuan brand marketing investment) it is very important to the financing of the second-hand car seeds of the $250 million investment (one)." "Profit driven capital, is still in the stage of" burn "the second-hand car business market, foster obviously needs long time period." Insiders said that the second-hand car business strong demand for capital, can continue to burn, because it can maintain a certain growth rate, which is part of the growth rate has been recognized by the capital markets. But revenue growth and market share expansion is essentially from the promotion of its service value, if blindly to re marketing, light service, the development of bottlenecks or will soon come. Profit dilemma compared to the seeds of second-hand cars frequently 1 billion level of marketing investment, which comes from the used car business.相关的主题文章: