These methods allow owners to save money and worry less (video)

These methods allow owners to save money and worry more purchase insurance channels have preferred There is much fineness in saving the car to spend less, our life a lot of convenience, at the same time as the vehicle consumables, in use after a period of time will appear in some big or small problems, so the daily maintenance and repair also can hardly be avoided. Today is to say little details to note some of the maintenance and repair, or money, or worry, let the car when we try to reduce unnecessary trouble and worry. We are in the vehicle maintenance and repair, generally feel no problem directly away, the documents are readily put, the time is almost unknown. However, maintenance, especially for the repair of the parts, the parts are replaced with a number of years and the warranty period (whichever is first), if there is a problem during the warranty period, is free of charge with the invoice for new! You’re right! Free for new! Of course, if the invoice is not in, can also try to find a repair shop to find the original document, but the length of time is not accurate, but people would find it not necessarily, so the maintenance and repair is completed, to allow manufacturers to issue a formal invoice and keep very important! Vehicle maintenance and repair is carried out in the 4S shop, or in the person familiar with the maintenance of this debate has been in the factory, each has advantages and disadvantages of Different people, different views. itself! But if the vehicle is not the common problems of small problems, this time should not worry in the maintenance treatment plant, one of my friends have experienced such a situation: the cold day Guadang very strenuous, and like a hot car, turn a few plant maintenance is a replacement the gear oil should solve the problem, this friend changed gear oil, but the second day early in the morning to start the car, found the gear problem still exists, and finally went to the 4S shop, detect problems in the clutch pump, to solve the problem after the replacement! But before the change gear oil on the white flowers. Of course, the master is not recommended that the problem must run 4S shop to solve, can find out the problem through the 4S store, what needs to be changed to go to their own familiar with the maintenance plant, so as to avoid a lot of detours! Many owners hand car, the first free, naturally go to the 4S store, think of environmental services are also, it formed the habit, in fact, the general maintenance, especially the simple replacement of oil filter machine maintenance, does not have to bother to go to 4S shop, now mobile phone application software more and more booking site maintenance the service is also more and more personalized, truly homes car maintenance, convenient not to say, overhead than 4S store to save a lot, too! Floating in rivers and lakes, which can not be stabbed, new or old driver is worth mentioning, there will inevitably be a breakdown in the way! This situation also don’t panic, the 4S shop, will provide many kilometers free rescue service, what no water and no oil out of power, is a good solution to the problem. If you need a trailer, this time we should consult their own insurance company, general insurance bought the whole point of the trailer will provide free service, there are specific number of kilometers and may buy insurance amount, but the key is free,!相关的主题文章: